December 31, 2008

Top OFTOT Photoshops - November 2008...

November, like October, was chock full of winners. Again, I had a hard time picking my "favs" while trying to confine it to just five (in case you hadn't noticed, I've been picking five for each month). But even though I had to leave a few solid works of art idiocy out, I'm sure you'll remember most of them anyhow. After all, November was like, last month. If you don't remember, you're either me or you've killed to many brain cells (which is also me).

Anyways, do enjoy these five that I deemed the "best photoshops" of November, 2008.

Marvel Smith Kong

I meant this to be Marvel Smith looking like King Kong, terrorizing opponents at Heinz Field. I guess it turned out that way, though in hindsight, I'm not sure that intention was clearly evident. Oh well, either way, I figure it's pretty visually appealing. And black and white just makes it more badass. I love black and white photograhpy. God, I'm a huge nerd. I'll knock it off...

A Heart Of Black And Gold

This bad boy accompanied Big Snack Silverback's 10 reasons to love the Steelers, which if you haven't read it, is a solid read. I think we all have one of these beating in our chests right now, wouldn't you say? I love the Steelers, man...

The Black And Gold House

Heart of Black and Gold, now House of Black and Gold. But not just any house, of course. The former White House! I threw this together back in November when Barack Obama, President-Elect of hitting that ass, won the election after the Steelers murdered the 'Skins in DC the night before. So I figured, we scratched his back, he should scratch ours, and offered this as one of the ways he could repay us for our gratuitous beatdown of Jason Campbell and friends. No word on whether he's made any firm plans to remodel the current White House, but if he ever does, here's the blueprint.

Jeff Reed - Straight Cash, Homey

This would've been a tad more appropriate had Jeff fulfilled Tec and my prediction that he'd be flawless during the regular season. But nevertheless, I think it's worthy. Why a dollar bill with Jeff Reed's head on it? Well, if you hadn't guessed - because he's money in the least on most field goals. If only we could say the same for Mitch Berger and his punts...

Steely McDevil

No explanation necessary. Number one in mascot DUIs and Number one in our hearts, THE Steely McDevil!

November, out! Which ones did you like the most?

And once you've answered that, feel free to review the rest of OFTOTs "Best Photoshops" of 2008...


Marc said...

Steely McDevil, was there any question?

big TC said...

Steely McDevil, for every fucking month

big TC said...

Steely McDevil, for every fucking month

big TC said...

its soooo goood that i had to double post.