December 31, 2008

Top OFTOT Photoshops - October 2008...

Whew, where was I? Oh right, October. Well, the photoshops kept rollin' right along this month, picking up where September left off, temptingly. I'm sure there were a bunch more that could've made the cut. So feel free to peruse those at your leisure.

But these were the ones I selected as the "best photoshops" of October, 2008...

Queen Ocho Cinco

Queen's City, meet your true Queen. Really, the only reason I did this was because Cincy is known as the Queen's City. I'm not sure where that came from, since I'm pretty sure Ohio wasn't a state when England was still violating our collective assholes regularly. But hey, maybe it was founded by some loyalists who moved West to escape those idiots who wanted to be independent of the British Crown. Sounds sensible enough. Who wants to be independent anyway? Totally lost control of this post already and we're not even on the second photoshop...ugh...

Captain Jack Sparrow Del Rio

Know why I fear Jack Del Rio? Dude has two last names. That shit is badass. I'm pretty sure in Spanish, if the eight years I took of it between High School and College serve me correctly, it means "from the river." Good thing for 'ol Jackie boy that most American's don't know Spanish or care enough to look it up. Because then he might look significantly more puss. Well, ok, I don't think it's possible for JDR to look more puss, but it sure wouldn't help his fear factor.

The Law

I'm sure y'all are no stranger to this one. As Timmons' first name is Lawrence, at some point, someone suggested the nickname, "The Law." I thought that was a pretty clever way to go. So I went with it and made the natural connection and photoshopped his head onto Robocop.

Ain't That A Kick In The Nuts

Hey, remember the time K2 was hospitalized for an "undisclosed injury" and some were speculating that his nuts had swelled to about the natural size of Derek Anderson's balls? That was a fun one. Too bad it turned out to be Staph. The team's like, sixth case of the shit in like a two year span or something. Consequently, Domski has begun making plans to set up the Browns Staphinfectionblog. Should be entertaining. Maybe we should put money on which Brown gets Staph next? I'm taking Phil Dawson.

Sansmokio The Bear

Poor San Antonio. All the guy wanted to do was enjoy a few blunts with his boys while rolling around Pittsburgh after practice. I mean, is that such a crime? Well, yeah, actually it is. And it's one he's gonna have to go to court for in February. That blows. Hey Santonio, next time I recommend you enjoy your herb while safe within the confines of your no doubt palacial estate. Maybe invite some ladies. Make it a party. Nahmeen? Either way, at some point I need to see about making that shovel into a bong. That'd be solid.

Y'all callin' any winners in here?

Oh, and because I still can't stop pissing myself when I watch it, here's Rehdogg's video once again. You'll remember, this got posted during the bye week instead of the show, since we didn't really get around to taping. You'll also remember that it contains some choice language that may not be suitable for your youngsters...or Domski's virgin ears. Earmuff 'em and laugh your head off at the solid rhymes and sick dance moves...

Show some love for January-September as well...


Marc said...

1 vote for Sansmokio the bear.

Anonymous said...


With honorable mention to KW2; I mean, who doesn't want to kick Kellen Winslow in the nuts?