December 31, 2008

Top OFTOT Photoshops - March 2008...

Two down, 10 to go, including this post, which covers March.

You'll notice that through oh, say the first SIX or SEVEN months of the year, I had to get a little creative. Having zero news of any interest to report makes it rather difficult to come up with clever photoshops to go along with such a lack of news.

I guess what I'm saying is - be lenient. I tried my best.

So anyway, here are what I've deemed the "best photoshops" of March 2008...

Silverback Attack! or alternatively, Smack My Bitch Up

Yeah, I know. It's not really funny or polite to poke fun of something serious like domestic abuse. Especially not with such a poorly done photoshop. But I'm not funny or polite. So I did just that. Sorry God, but I was already headed South anyhow, might as well go down swingin'.

Welcome to Chez Holmgren

I think this was because some cook at some Seattle restaurant spit in the food of a Steeler fan, if I'm not mistaken. Still bitter like Starbucks up there in the Great Northwest, they are. Maybe Seahawks fans should get together with Ravens fans and they can all shed a few tears together. As well as change each others tampons. Eek, did we really just go there?

Phil Savage Makes It Rain

He's no Pacman Jones, but you wouldn't know it by the way Phil Savage was throwing money at bitches last offseason. Donte Stallworth - 7 years for $35 million? Sucks for you, Randy Lerner.

Big Ben Makes BANK!

Speaking of making it rain, the Steelers made it POUR on Big Ben back in March, dumping 102 million bones, or clams, depending on the preferred nomenclature. Remind me, who gets paid more, Ben or Troy?

The Very 1st Meeting People Is Easy

Aw, how special. It was the dawn of something epic. Well, something anyway. Probably not quite epic. I hope y'all have enjoyed MPIE as it's evolved over the course of the year. Those who weren't around in March, just compare the MPIE's you've seen since October-ish to this. Yep, this shit was real bush league.

Which of these monstrosities gets YOUR vote??

Oh, and in case you missed them...

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big TC said...

silverback, my fucking god. im speechless.