December 31, 2008

Top OFTOT Photoshops - July 2008...

Here's where things started to pick up. After going MONTHS without meaningful Steelers football (draft notwithstanding), we finally got to training camp. Well, at the end of July we did. But I guess the anticipation leading up to it was exciting as well. So exciting that it led to the following "best photoshops" of July 2008...

The Anklebreaker

This guy didn't get a lot of play, what with Master Fly W. Large hanging around. But I think he was definitely my favorite "Face of Willie Parker."

This Schedule Makes Me Want to Cry

I threw this together in like five minutes. But it still makes me laugh. Stock image + Steelers jersey + Terrible Towel = success! Alright, maybe not, but whatevs.

The Blame Game

Some of you may recognize this asshole's face. This is Buzz Bissinger. Of course, it's just his head. I did the rest. But this guy was the dude who screamed up and down on HBO Sports about how sports blogs pissed "the shit out of him," and other such nonsensical rantings. He has apparently since retracted some of his angry and seriously inaccurate observations, but I still think he's a dickbag. Sorry, Buzz. Douchebaggery is an unforgivable sin.


Is this the gay Steelers blog?

What Time Is It?

Time for this ridiculousness, of course. All I remember about this one was that I did it for Domski, while he was again in charge because I had Summer finals. I believe his instructions were "keep it simple." Instead, I kept it real. What's up?

Any winners in this bunch?

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