November 23, 2008

BSS' 10 Reasons to Love The Steelers...

EDITOR'S NOTE: Big Snack Silverback, inspired by Thursday's win no doubt, put together the following list of his 10 Reasons to Love The Steelers and wanted to share them with y'all. So who was I to say no to such a noble endeavor? Some of them are personal to him. Some are just general principles. But in either case, they're all evidence of the pride each of us has in our Steelers. So give him some love in the comments for providing this solid material on a day without Steelers football. Take it away, Big Snack Silverback!

1. The Immaculate Reception
Youtube it. It is perhaps the greatest play in sports history and marks the turning point for the Steelers franchise from "lovable losers" to dynasty.

2. The first professional football game was played in Pittsburgh in 1892
'nuff said.

3. I was named after 7-time pro-bowler Andy Russell
His name was Charles Andrew Russell. My Father's name is Charles. My name is Andrew.

4. I was born in March 1975, two months after our first super-bowl victory.

5. Hines Ward
He is the hardest-hitting, most-smiling receiver ever to play the game.

6. James Harrison
Harrison was cut 4 times (3 by the Steelers), and was undrafted out of Kent State, where he recorded 5 sacks on Miami, Ohio's Ben Roethlisburger in his final game. He didn't solidify himself in the starting lineup until age 29. And though he is listed at 6' 0" he is really 5' 10". If he isn't the NFL defensive player of the year it will only be because he doesn't have a sack dance.

7. The Terrible Towel
Back in 1975, Myron Cope urged Steelers fan to bring gold or yellow dish towels to a playoff game against the then-Baltimore Colts and wave them to lift the team to victory. It worked -- straight through to victory over the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl X.

AND proceeds of Terrible Towel sales go to the Robinson-based Allegheny Valley School, which operates programs for the mentally disabled.

8. I have a Steeler bar right up the street
In Laguna Hills, CA, there are 100 Steeler fans waving Terrible Towels every week.

9. We have no cheerleaders
Because they are useless and have nothing to do with football.

10. Because Troy "The Missle" Polamalu said this:
"People don't like to play against us because we play kind of ugly, rough, physical...It's just the personality of this city, the personality of this team. It's just so blue-collar. That New York, Los Angeles, Hollywood mentality is not within us, and we like that."


shawnk said...

those are 10 very good reasons...

I used to live up the street from the Steelers bar in Laguna Hills. That bar is very cool.

Do they still yell "HINES WARD" every time he makes a catch?

Vern said...

There are countless Steelers bars here in South Florida. The one I go to is packed every game. No exceptions.

Anonymous said...

Also got a Steelers bar up the street here in Columbus, OH. It's only full when the Steelers aren't on local TV (which hasn't been very often this year). But probably 300+ fans pack it in on days the Steelers aren't on. It's also the home of the Pittsburgh Steelers Fan Club of Central Ohio.

11. 3 coaches in nearly 40 years.

The Chief said...

Great list! In just about every American city, we are represented by at least one Steelers bar which is just the coolest thing. Name me another NFL team that can boast that!?!? None that I'm aware of - not even the Cowboys ("America's Team" huh?) can say that!

Big Snack Silverback said...

Shank K: They still yell "Heinz Ward." Yes. When did you hang out there, as in what years? I have been going there off and on for quite awhile. My parents and my girlfriend both live right up the street. It's a good place to hang when the game isn't on TV. Thanks, Cotter for posting my rant/list. I was definitely feeling passionate that day...

Cotter said...

Anytime, my brotha! It was a perfect post for a Sunday without Steelers football. Not to mention a few days before our day of Thanks!

Great work, man! I thoroughly enjoyed it.

shawnk said...

I used to hang out at Players during the '02 and '03 seasons. I lived in the condos right up the hill from that place. I do miss that bar :-(
I live in Texas now and the nearest Steelers hang is like 20+ miles from my home.