December 31, 2008

Top OFTOT Photoshops - April 2008...

January was alright
February was good
March got even better
April was rather hood

What do you expect? It's still me writing this crap.

Here are those which I've deemed the "best photoshops" of April 2008...

Shakespeare Reed

You know how sometimes you're minding your own business, reading OFTOT and some random ass photoshop smacks you square in the face and you wonder where the hell my brain was while making it? Classic example. I cannot even begin to explain to you where the hell this came from. Speculate, if you like. Oh, and everyone wrote haikus in the comments of this post.

Ridiculous Flattop Troy

Taken from a post full of fake headlines, the Headline and "story' on this one was...

Troy Polamalu Pre-empts League Ruling on Excessive, Flowing Hair, Gets Circa 1990 Kid n' Play Do
Said the Pro Bowl Safety, "House Party was the shit man. If you didn't like that movie, you're obviously on crack."

Steely McWalkingPSA

I doubt I need to give you a back story on this. Real friggin' role model, that Steely McBeam. Proof positive that DARE was right. Drugs are bad, mmmmmkkk (yes, I know this was just alcohol, just indulge me).

Iron Man Dan

Someone should've shown this to Bruce Arians back in April. Though, I doubt he wouldv'e even understood it. I miss you, Dan Kreider. /single tear drips from eye

Romeo Can Haz Cheezburger

Yes, that thing started all the way back in April. What happened was, I read an article titled "Crennel Eats Steelers Questions for Breakfast." So, of course, I tactfully pointed out that judging by his robust girth, Romeo probably eats a lot more than just Steelers Questions for breakfast. Also, the Cleveland paper that wrote the story, misspelled "Steelers" in the .com version...

Editorial failblog.

So, which are your favs?

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big TC said...

romeo, romeo, where art thou romeo?

in the un-employment line eating micky d's