December 31, 2008

Top OFTOT Photoshops - May 2008...

Most of what you'll see below somehow came when I put Domski in charge during my finals week. I told him, just send me ideas and I'll make it happen. Not sure why, considering the whole point of putting him in charge was so that I could free up my time for studying. Either way, big mistake. And you think MY mind works in weird ways.

Anyways, here are the "best photoshops" of May 2008...

Face Me Ike Buckner

I even had to put in that little explanation because I wasn't sure anyone would know what the hell was going on here. Why Domski wanted this photoshopped, I haven't the faintest. Maybe he remembers?

Late Night By The Lake aka Watch Yo' Wallet, Son!

You may remember that back in May, rookie phenom Rashard Mendenhall was robbed at gun point while walking with a lady friend on the shore of Lake Michigan. This was Domski's idea for a photoshop. And they let this man teach America's youth...

Office Space, Starring Domski

I don't know why I did this either. I just remember Domski was giggling like a schoolgirl over this one. I mean, it's pretty funny, I guess.

I, uh, well, I just...No clue

Here's where I stop trying to understand why this was relevant.

Limas Swede

Notice the subtle difference. Clever, huh? That's why they call me the master of puppets puns. Yeah, I was making Sweed jokes way before most other Steelers internet destinations. Remember that shit.

So, um, you like any of these aberrations?

In case you missed any of the others...

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