December 31, 2008

Top OFTOT Photoshops - June 2008...

So, the showcase marches on. We've now made it to June, and we're going strong. And by that I mean, you all. Because at this point, I'm feelin' the heat. Don't ever let anyone tell you blogging is easy. And if they do, tell me. I'll set that record straight...Ralph Macchio style.

Here are the "best photoshops" of June 2008, for your viewing pleasures...

Meathead Woodson

Woodson was doing some soapboxing about how players today have it easy in the offseason. He sounded cranky and I wanted to use the post title, "Those Were The Days," ipso, facto, etc. blah blah and such...

Baby Steps

I believe at the time Tec called this one nightmare inducing. Still believe that? I mean, it's definitely a solid "disturbing" to "mildly emotionally traumatic." But I'm not sure I'd elevate it to the prestige of "nightmare inducing." Would you?

The Godfather, Dick LeBeau

As far as I'm concerned, there is no better title for Dick LeBeau than "Godfather." He looks super badass here. Too bad he has that hat on. Shit does not lend itself well to a classy black and white. Oh well, I guess when your defense leads the league across the board, some people just let you get away with less. The world's an eff'd up place.

Casey At The Bat

Sure, why not? That shit actually almost looks know, if Casey Hampton had a white body. Too bad he does not. So it kind of just looks ridiculous. Not that that is anything new. Even though this makes no sense, I still think it's one of my favs. Something about Casey Hampton. I can't put my finger on it, but...


This remains one of my favorite visuals, not only in OFTOT history, but Steelers history. If this doesn't sum up the state of the affairs along our Offensive line last year (and to some extent, this year), I don't know what would.

What do y'all think? Fav(s)?

In case you missed the others...

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