December 31, 2008

Top OFTOT Photoshops - September 2008...

See, here's where things start to get real tricky. During the offseason, it was pretty acceptable for me to post but one thing a day. But once the regular season started, it was three a day, often with multiple photoshops just in one post. So I had to get significantly more discriminating in my selection process here.

Hopefully I did alright, nonetheless.

Here are the "best photoshops" of September 2008...

Shaun Rogers, The Clown

It's not just a clever name. Although, in hindsight, it might have been more funny to put Shaun Rogers' head on Patrick Swayze's body in a Dirty Dancing-esque setting. You know, 'cause he calls himself, "Big Baby." Nobody puts Big Baby in a corner? Eh, I think there may be a few Centers and Left Guards that might agreee to disagree. Ah, Hell. You know what? This photoshop sucks. I don't even know how it made the list.

Kiss The Cook

The Labor Day Grillmaster himself, Mikey T. I'll bet he grills steaks like he grills the refs on gameday. Well done! Yeah, I pretty much only put this one in here because it looks seamless. Or at least I think it does.

Let Me Clip, Dirty Wings

If only it had gone down like this in real life. Oh well, as they say, shit happens. At least I got to make a reference to a solid Nirvana classic. Score! And if you're not sure what I'm talking about, here you go...

It's Always Sunny in Philthadelphia

Eh, we're all wrong sometimes. Perhaps it wasn't sunny for the Steelers in Killadelphia back in September, but it sure was sunny for this photoshop. One of my favs for sure. A solid show, too. When do you suppose someone's going to make "It's Always Cold In Pittsburgh?"

The Wood

The man who graces the pages...err, page...of OFTOT in advance of every gameday. Badass linebacker, badass photoshop. I'm not sure where the club came from, but does it really matter? You mess with The Wood, you get...splinters? I don't know, just marvel at his badassedness or something.

Your votes, please?

And don't forget about January-August...

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