September 15, 2008

That Was Just Cleveland Being Cleveland...

Well, we avoided the unthinkable. If the Browns had won that game, I just might've thrown something at the TV. Can you imagine the shit storm we'd have to endure if god forbid, the currently overhyped incarnation of the Browns finally beat us after losing 16 out of the last 17, including the last nine (now 10) straight? I can. And it wouldn't have been pretty. There's nothing worse than delusional Browns fans thinking they've actually earned something.

Anyways, we did indeed escape with a narrow victory, 10-6, though we pretty much controlled the entire game. Once again, conditions ruined the day and likely some of the game plan. For example, we saw basically (with a couple of exceptions) hide nor hair of Wreckingball. And understandably so. He's had fumbling problems in good conditions. So imagine how nervous Tomlin must've been about putting him in last night. But yeah, despite the weather, a lot of guys stepped up big, including...

1. The "Offensive" Line
I think after last night I can remove the quotes around the word, "Offensive." Because those guys were on their game. Case in point - the Ben to San Antonio 48 (?) yard bomb that Ben threw from deep in our own territory. He had a solid 10 seconds on that one. Add the masterful job Kemoeatu did pulling and you can understand why I am so pleased with this unit. Anyone who doesn't consider voting for them in the poll to your left obviously didn't watch that game last night.

2. Bryant McFadden
Well, I noted on Saturday that with Deshea out, and McFadden looking for a new contract, this was his time to make his case as the starter of the future. Not that there was much doubt. But he came through big, covering Braylon Edwards rather masterfully. He even nabbed a poorly underthrown Derek Anderson pass in the first half that led to the only touchdown of the game. Coincidentally, did anyone else know that ball was going to be picked the moment it left Anderson's hand? I called it literally as it was being thrown. He lobbed that out there and McFadden took full advantage. Bravo, young one. The force seems strong with you.

3. Troy Polamalu
All the evidence you need was the play in which Troy HURDLED TWO OFFENSIVE LINEMAN to diffuse a Jamal Lewis run long before it might've been otherwise. Sure, he didn't make the tackle. But as Domski put it after the game - imagine what those two Offensive Lineman must've been thinking when Polamalu jumped OVER them...complete dumbfoundedness, no doubt. Rendering them rather useless as blockers. Plus, I don't have to remind you that he snagged the interception in the 2nd Quarter that ruined one of Cle-heave-land's (credit: Joey Porter's Pit Bulls) only real drives of the game. This is why Troy Polamalu is invaluable. And thank god he looks like the Troy we know and love. I don't know who that guy was wearing 43 for most of last year. Because it didn't look like the Troy we've seen thus far in '08. Well played, Troy. I guess whatever Christy said to you at Chili's must've hit home.

So all in all, I'm pleased. Under normal conditions, I would've liked to have put up approximately 30 more points on the Clowns. But as I said earlier, a win is a win. I'll take it because of the implications.

That said, we've got the Killadelphia Desert Eagles (.50) next Sunday in Filthadelphia. And we've got a day on them. So let's hope the Cowgirls ride herd on them tonight to wear them out a bit. Then again, if you listen to the media pundits, the Eagles are unstoppable. I mean, they beat the Rams 38-3. And the Rams are clearly a Super Bowl caliber Defense. So we might as well expect to get rained on...yeeeaaaahhhh, right.

Is it wrong that I'm already looking forward to Sunday?

So I ask you all - What did you think of that game? Who's performance did you like/not like? "Special" Teams? What about that cheap shot Shaun Rogers put on Ben? And hey, how awesome would it be if Murdermore (that's Baltimore, in case you hadn't guessed) beat the Gowns next week?

Either way, I think this is worth re-posting for a second look...

I think I'll have some new pics to add after this one...


Noah said...

Yeah, perhaps we did underestimate our line. I loved when Kendall Simmons did a pancake to somersault over the defenseless cornerback. I laughed for a good 7 seconds on that one.

As for the points, I'll blame the weather for that. We're a good offense, cue the 48 yard bomb to Holmes in our territory. (I was scared how it got to that point though).

How bout Aaron Smith with 2 sacks! That is awesome how a new guy steps up every week to a win. The Browns did throw a little at will towards the end of the game, but overall our defense was great.

Willie gets another 100 yard game.

Hines Ward gets another TD (Too old? He's not playing like it.)

Bring on the Iggles.


matt said...

As soon as I found out the weather was shitty I knew it would be a low scoring affair. I was impressed by the D (we didn't let Cleveland have anything) & the O line of course. It's a joy to watch Ben sit calmly in the pocket and just hit whatever receiver he reads. Zero TO's was key too.

Are any of you guys going to the game in Philly? If so, It'd be cool to meet any of the posters on here. I'll be tailgating hard until they let my ass in the stadium.

It's always a good Monday when we get a W!

Christy said...

As soon as I heard the forecast for Cleveland, I became nervous. It's too bad...I was looking forward to putting up a lot more points against their putrid defense.

Oh well, guess we'll have to save THAT for December.

Christy said...

Oh yeah, and Hines kicking dirt into the Dawg Pound was the highlight of the night!

tobiathan said...

You lucky bastages at least got to WATCH the game...ugh! Just as i was getting my fingers loose on the livebloggin' keyboard the damned Duqusne Power company let me(and Pittsburgh's entire West End) down...we were w/o power till Monday afternoon. Sucked.

Hopefully next week i can get the whole game down...

On the other hand- it was a different experience listening to the game inmy car. I drove around the 'hood to see how far the outage went and wasn't really surprised to see that pretty much every car on the street was occupied by Steeler fans listening to the game. Pretty cool in it's own way....

It was scary listening to the last couple minutes, until Ben hit Heath for that big first down after the Poop-stains second FG.

Good job, O-line.

domski43 said...

its refreshing to see the steelers get back to smashmouth football. its comforting to know that in the first two games the offensive line took over in the second half. there is nothing better to watch than seeing the steelers run the ball when the other team's defense knows we are going to run the ball, and not being able to stop it!

i'm still waiting to see mendenhall get some substantial carries. parker has proven that he is more than healthy, but i dont want to see him overused again this year.