September 13, 2008

Uh, False...

Hey WKYC, guess what? The Browns play the Steelers twice a year. Nice try though.

PS - Deshea Townsend likely out tomorrow. Shit. McFadden better earn that new contract. You hear me, Drew Rosenhaus?

Oh, and be sure to check out the interview I did with MVN Outsiders. They asked me and Browns blogger, Scott from Waiting for Next Year, three questions about Sunday's game. And hilarity ensued...or something like that.


tecmo said...

So, are you like a full-time blogger now?

Our OFTOT cup runneth over.

tecmo said...

the can't stop won't stop tag slayed me.

domski43 said...

nice interview fruitcup

all eyes on mcfadden least stallworth is doubtful for cleveland

Cotter said...

tec ~ I mean, these things just keep falling into my lap. Who am I not to make light of them?

domski ~ Donte Stallworth = CHAMPIONSHIP!

tobiathan said...

Nice interview- bout time OFTOT and Cotter got some recognition 'round hee-ah!

Still, it's adorable how optimistic Poop-Colored-Ohioans fans are this year....:-)

And who'd you steal that 24-17 prediction from, huh?