August 8, 2008

Meeting People Is Easy...

You know what? That old Meeting People Is Easy format was dog shit. Always asking the same types of dumb questions. Does anyone really want to know what my favorite Madonna song is? This is a Steelers blog.

So after my Sports Illustrated failed to be delivered to my new private residence, I thought, it's time to make these questions Steelers relevant. It may have been the best idea I've had all week. Nay, all year.

Accordingly, below you'll find all your favorite OFTOT characters, but this time, you'll get a chance to actually learn some interesting info about each.

Let us begin.

This week's expert panel is...
1. Dan Gigler ~ Recently coined the phrase, "Practice Hero"
2. Jup ~ [JOOP] - An old friend returneth
3. Don ~ Ask for him in Shaler
4. Tobiathan ~ Master of the Great Outdoors
5. Notgomu ~ he's not, gomu?
6. Random Asshole ~ It's funny because it's true
7. Domski ~ Click me
8. Me ~ Click me

I can only safely assume that if you're still with me, neither of the links above offended you. So with that in mind, read on for the real thing. And as usual, if anything looks fuzzy or hard to read below, click the image to enlarge...

PS - Question #1 was inspired by OFTOT friend, Christy, who was lucky enough to have met POLAMALU(!) at Applebee's while on her way back from training camp. Silverback was there too!! So all you [redacted]s who knocked Applebee's above, I think Christy has full license to kick you straight in the balls. Because she met Polamalu, and you did not. Either way, here's the visual evidence...

So in closing, I'd just like to ask - what's with all the commercials during those games last night? Boy, it's a good thing the NFL's new fan Conduct Policy doesn't apply in my living room. Oh, the profanity.

Don't forget, Sunday training camp with OFTOT and PSAMP. I'll be the one in the oversized Casey Hampton Jersey. It's gonna be a bloodbath...


Christy said...

Very nice....only it was Chili's, not Applebee's. :p

The Chief said...

Collier had a great article regarding Anthony "Foot-in-Mouth" Smith on

Oh... and lucky Christy - I envy you. Although I went through security once with Bettis at the airport.

Cotter said...

Ha! Where did I get Applebee's from?

Oops, sounds like I need to pay more attention to detail.

tobia-huh? said...

Should i be worried that OFTOT hasn't reported on the signing of the highly-mobile and super-charming Byron Leftfoot...err...Leftwich?

What's up here? Where is everybody? Another party i wasn't invited to..?

Tito, hand me a tissue?