September 15, 2008

What A Shitty Weekend For Ohio...

Man, at the risk of sounding like a humungous dick, it must've been a pretty shitty weekend to be an Ohioan. You know, what with THE Ohio State getting downright violated by USC, 35-3, the Bengals looking like the Bengals, and the Browns falling to our Steelers 10-6 because of poor clock management and turnovers.

Hey Derek Anderson, I got news for you - THAT is why Big Ben is a bona fide pro bowler, and you are an alternate. Throw another untimely pick, dude. I dare you.

Anyways, I'll have a full game recap for you at some point later this morning/afternoon. But I just wanted to briefly note that - a win is a win. Even though I wanted to destroy them like 56-0, I'll take 10-6 because it means 2-0, ammo in the event of a tie-breaker, and a reaffirmation that Big Ben OWNS Ohio.

Big Ben - 10
Ohio - 0

And just so you know, ESPN has officially launched it's campaign to fellate Ben as much as possible. So we've got that going for us...which is nice.

Any thoughts before I get too far into this?

PS - Did anybody know that the "Dawg Pound" is "vaunted?" Me either. Thank you, Associated Press. I just learned something new...


Samaber said...

I think it's possible that we will see more of Ben being "fellated," since Brady is out of the spotlight and Peyton already lost a game. Looking forward to it.

domski43 said...

did anyone know that braylon edwards trained w/ michael phelphs!?! That must mean that Hines Ward trains with Superman!

Great win for the Steelers. Gotta win the close ones, especially on the road against the division foe (if you can even call Cleveland that at this point). Ben took care of the ball, Willie quietly went over 100 yards, even the special teams did their job (minus the punt snafu by Mendenhall). But, the Steelers defense was the key to the game. Timely turnovers and keeping the Browns out of the endzone while only registering 2 sacks on Derek "does anyone care I wear a size 15 shoe" Anderson.

Lets just hope that Kiesel is okay

Cotter said...

samaber ~ As long as they're moving towards fellating Ben more and fellating Brett Favre less, I'm cool with it.

domski ~ I guess handling Michael Phelps' balls isn't the same as handling footballs or maybe Braylon wouldn't have had so many drops?

Anyways, yeah, I'm worried about Keisel too. We need the Diesel back on the field ASAP. Fingers crossed.

tobiathan said...

No luck on Brett...he's out 2 months according to local Pittsburgh news. I hope Kirschke can keep it up. He oughtta be able to, since he really hasn't played a lot in the past few years.