June 12, 2008

No News, No Time, No Problem...

Alright, there still isn't anything interesting going on in Steelerland. Except for that little bowling excursion Tuesday. And seeing as how I already covered the team playing one unorthodox sport this week, today I've once again resorted to unbridled misguided creativity to entertain you. But you'll be happy to know there will be no haikus this time. Just Photoshop.

See, I got inspired on Monday. A friend of mine forwarded me one of those emails you normally laugh at half-heartedly and promptly delete. But after seeing all of the fun someone else had with Photoshop, I got an idea.

Certainly this isn't anything new and different for me (what follows that is, not having ideas). But I did a little experimenting of my own with those fun motivational posters or whatever they're supposed to be.

The culmination of this idiocy is what you will see below. And I promise, I tried to keep it Steelers relevant. Really, I did.

I sincerely hope you enjoy...

Seriously, I haven't seen a four-on-one like this since Domski's wedding.

Good thing he turned out to be famous.

So don't make them.

At least he didn't try and stop Silverback from getting his son baptized.


Sorry, I had to.

And some of us have no rhythm.

And this was only on page four of the search results.
[Photo "Credit" - FreakingNews.com]

Ladies & gentleman, Domski ate four fruit parfaits...at one time. No joke.

February 5, 2006, a day of infamy for a generation of Steelers fans.

There, how was that? Still mad about yesterday's non-post, post? What say you? Did I do good?


tecmo said...

My own:

Chrysler New Yorkers: Also known as motorcycle brakes.

Seeing as how today is the 2-year anniv of Ben's "scare"

domski43 said...

cotter - you need to wear a helmet

Cotter said...

tec ~ well played sir.

domski ~ you know full well I wear a helmet everyday. Come on now.