June 9, 2008

Casey At The Bat...

File this under things I wish I could see.

This past Saturday, the Steelers played softball along with KDKA's Sonni Abatta and Allison Morris and WPXI's Rich Walsh and Scott Harbaugh in what was cleverly billed as "Steelers, Local Celebs Play Softball."

I guess the four TV News personalities constituted the "Local Celebs" part. What, Ronnie Florian was too busy combing his hair?

Anyways, I can't be sure. But I'm willing to bet even this all-star crew could beat the Pirates. I'll leave it up to you to decide whether that's a cheap shot at the Pirates or an affirmation that Big Ben could crush Nate McLouth. Either way, this had to be something to write home about.

If anyone bore witness to this historic occasion, please e-mail me.

Oh, and one of these days I'll get around to figuring out how to make white skin black in Photoshop. 'Til then I respectfully ask you to use your imaginations...savvy?

Now here's a roundup of what you missed while you were digesting the outcome of last week's Game Six...

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marc said...

What position could Hampton play, lets hope it was Catcher, but it would be amusing to watch him at CF or SS

Cotter said...

If you want my literal answer - i'd agree on catcher. Wishful thinking would put him at mascot though.

Marc - don't know what we'd do without your comments to spark the discussion. Well done buddy (commence golf clap).