December 20, 2008

OFTOT Week In Review - Week 16...

I don't know if I'll really be doing a Week in Review next week, what with it being Christmas and all. I'll still be posting, most likely, except for Thursday. But I doubt there'll be a whole lot to recap. Although, I suppose I could say the same for this week. So but anyways, where I'm going with all this is - after Christmas, it's going to be a new year.

2008 was a rough one for the C-man. And not because he just referred to himself as the C-man. Though, I imagine that's part of it.

I usually don't talk about my real life much on here. Sure, I talk about things I've done or rude observations I've thought about making. But like, things about me that don't include drinking (or the lack thereof, as some might try and tell you).

This year, some pretty big shit happened to me. And not in a good way. At least not at the time. By now I'm starting to feel pretty good about things again. But it certainly wasn't like that all year, much as I might let on otherwise.

It's not really important, of course. But I wanted to give the new year a semi proper treatment. And to be honest, I wanted to do it for a weekend post that only 15 of you will read (and to you 15, I appreciate it!).

I'm just hoping 2009 brings great new things. I've pretty much had enough of 2008, and I'm ready to make '09 my year. Hopefully, the Steelers will follow suit early on, and maybe if we're lucky we'll get to see more than one round of playoff action next year ('09, not the '09-'10 season).

But that's next year. This WEEK, we talked about a few things, while I had my head firmly burrowed in books that rival the thickness of a Tolstoy novel. Those things were...

1. We became 2008 AFC NORTH DIVISION CHAMPS!!!

2. And that was due to some serious clutch play in the 4th Quarter last Sunday.

3. Easiest pop quiz you'll ever take...

4. If you'd like to get me something for Christmas, this'll do.

5. Anyone else gettin' real tired of angry Ravens fans?

6. Aaron Smith haunts the AFC Defensive Player of the Week award like he'll haunt Kerry Collins' dreams after Sunday.

7. Kiss my ass, Fall 2008 semester!

8. The Steelers? Running the football? Nah, that'll never happen...

9. The sole AFC North Headline of the Day WEEK!

10. Reminisce yesterday, drink like a Champion today!

And for you audiophiles, don't you fret. Here are this week's riffs...
1. Party Hard - Andrew WK
2. Jibbs ft. Chamillionaire - King Kong
3. Unchained - Van Halen
4. Rollout - Ludacris
5. Burnout - Green Day

Bonus selection...
Where The Streets Have No Name - U2

We're going to do our best to get you a show for tomorrow. We'll tape, and hopefully get around to editing before all of the esteemed guests arrive for tonight's melee. But I can't make any promises. You'll just have to stop by around Noon tomorrow and see if we're better human beings than our behavior might normally suggest (smart money's on yes, that we are).

As for a gameday liveblog, unfortunately, that is an impossibility. See, even though this is supposedly the biggest game of the weekend, CBS has chosen not to show Steelers-Titans here in NYC. Instead, we could either watch 3.5 hours of "paid programming," or go to the bar. Where they serve beer. Cold beer. And have large TVs everywhere. Man, it's gonna suck.

See y'all tomorrow and HERE WE GO STEELERS!

PS - Sorry for getting all emo on you. It's a disease I'm trying to shake.


big TC said...

heres to a new year!! can't wait for the show too.

go stillers

Mrs. Roethlisberger said...

Don't apologize for getting all emo on us...I'm sure I'm not your only female reader and we appreciate your candor.

More importantly, congrats on getting through the semester! I, for one, am impressed that you manage to watch all the games, let alone maintain a blog through the semester!

Go...celebrate...drink during the game at a bar like the rest of us! Here we go Steelers!

Get Fresh Designs said...

fucking emo kids

Anonymous said...

No liveblog on Sunday? CBS has made this very angry. Very.

Marc said...

Good luck on the new year, congrats on grad school, cheers boys

tiny350Z said...

Yeah, I'm with Mrs. Roethlisberger. Hey, enjoy your snow... we get uhhh sleet? freezing rain? rain?

Sunday ticket here, using it and abusing it. I will drink my light beer at home!