December 19, 2008

YES WE CAN! the ball...?

Alright, so as you know, I've basically just lost a whole week. Just sucked that shit right into a black void of death studying, law school did. So I figured that once I got a chance to finally play catch up yesterday, I'd have missed like, some really big stories...

But, no.

Is it just me, or did nothing happen this week?

I suppose that's a good thing. I mean, there's been the usual amount of media penile slurpage surrounding the next "hot" team of 2008, and it's #1 Defense. But other than that, what? The Steelers restructuring their ownership? Aaron Smith = AFC Defensive POTW? Keisel MAYBE playing on Sunday? Oh, well I guess there's also the whole spitgate thing with that insignificant Ravens Special Teamer. But I'm just saying, to me, those aren't exactly the most interesting headlines. Good, for the most part. But not so much things I feel I'd like to dedicate a post to. At least not today.

So what have I got for you this morning, then? I have absolutely no idea. I'm not gonna lie.

I could talk to you about Tennessee. And how if we stop Lendale White and Chris Johnson, it's going to be pretty tough for Kerry Collins to beat us with such notable pass catchers as Bo Scaife. And Alge Crumpler. And Justin Gage. And...Justin McCareins? I don't know, man. That just seems kind of "blah" at this point. We all know what needs to be done Sunday. So why dwell on it. Let's just do it. I'll drink some beers. Domski won't, as usual. And we'll hopefully come out with another BIG win.

The one thing I will say is - I'd really, really, really, really love our Offense to put together a good game on Sunday. I know that's asking a lot against a team with a stout defense like the Titans. But they'll be without their two top guys. So maybe it's doable. Really, I'd just like to see us run the God damned ball a little better. I can't say it enough, balance is key. Gotta keep 'em honest, ya know? If nothing, maybe a 75 yard touchdown run...Master Fly W. Large, I'm looking at you! I mean, I know you've got a sandy crotch right now, and that you're sans fullback, which is further contributing to this prolonged vaginal irritation. But I have faith that you can have a standout game here, somewhere. Why not start with Sunday?

I don't know.

That's all I got.

Any other thoughts feel free to share.

By the way, do you think the Tennessean created "Whack A Steeler" so Albert Haynesworth and Kyle Vandenbosch won't feel left out on Sunday?

Oh yes, and I'd just like to put this out there, but...


tecmo said...

Whack a Steeler? More like whack OFF a Steeler...amirite, Titans?

/hold up hand for high five

Anybody? Anybody?

Cotter said...

Phillip Rivers has got you covered

tecmo said...

Oh, and that Whack a Steeler game is ridiculously hard. Foreshadowing and getting Titans fans ready for the tough task ahead?

Cotter said...

Indeed. Perhaps it is their subtle and diplomatic way of saying to the Titans - watch the eff out, the Steelers are teh awesome...?

Mike Tomlin said...

is anybody drinking this weekend?