December 15, 2008

What's Up Now, Baltimore?

Yes friends, THE Pittsburgh Steelers are your 2008 AFC NORTH DIVISION CHAMPS!!!

An 11-3 record, another win in a string that should hopefully culminate in a clean sweep of the division, at least a 2 seed and 1st round bye in this years playoffs, and a chance to become the 1 seed this coming Sunday.

Yep, I'd say yesterday's win was pretty damn big.

As for the game itself, if I didn't know it, I'd have thought I was watching the Dallas game all over again...Minus the turnovers in our favor, sub some pretty poor Special Teams plays.

You know, it's funny, earlier in the season, I used to joke about us getting that first drive TD and then shutting down for a good two quarters at least. But at this point, I'd take that first drive TD every day of the week over waiting until the waning minutes of a tight game to finally come alive.

But hey, a win is a win, even if it did push me a few steps closer to an early grave.

Anyways, before I ramble on any longer, let's just get right to this week's "Things That Were Awesome," "Things That Were Not Awesome," and "Things That Make Me Want To Start Watching Chess." And once you've read over whatever drivel is about to come out of my mouth...errr, fingers...let us all know your thoughts on the win in the comments. Word.

1. Farrior - 12 total tackles, including 8 solo and at one point he even looked to be hurt!
2. Ryan Clark's pick!
3. Keyaron Fox's fumble recovery and run back!
4. Hines Ward - 8 catches, 107 yards, including 3 for 36 on the final drive
5. Timmons had a pretty good game (5 tackles and a sack)...
6. As did our boy, Aaron Smith (8 tackles and a sack)...
7. Alright, Santonio's TD was pretty cool...but only because it ended up being a TD...
8. Allowing the Ravens just over 200 yards, total (202)!
9. I found it rather amusing that Washington was covering Washington...
10. Winning the friggin' division...again!

1. Phil Simms. Need I say more?
2. Letting La'Ron McClain amass 87 yards rushing
3. Mitch Berger's dazzling 28 yard punt
4. My attitude - I was one salty bitch for the 1st half of that game
5. How about somebody calls a hold on that LT? I think he may still be holding Silverback right now...

1. Spiking the ball at the Ravens 4 with 1:04 on the clock
2. Throwing on 3rd and 1...and Ben fumbling/throwing a pick
3. Santonio's "hands"...or lack thereof
4. Allowing a guy I've never heard of return a punt 46 yds
5. Willie Colon - False start AND Holding...big game out there for the big fella...

Titans lost to the [effing] Texans yesterday. We murdered the Texans, Week 1, 38-17. Now, I'm not sayin'...I'm just sayin'...

By the way, does anyone else think Todd Heap's, like, the man of glass? How many times can one guy get hurt in a career?

Ah, whatever, here's this week's flipbook...

What exactly is this all about?

Hey Ed, watch those wandering hands, will ya?

Guess those little ass teeth aren't aerodynamic enough...


Hey, baby...

Oh, I see you have friends...

Look up the definition of "lit up" in the dictionary and you may find this may also find a picture of Sansmokio, but whatever...

So sad...

Get a room, you two!

Thank you...Thank you...we'll see y'all next season, then?

Now, if you'll all excuse me, I'm gonna go study for another 72 or so hours straight. I'll see y'all either on Thursday afternoon or Friday, depending on how thirsty I am after my last final on Thursday at Noon. Try not to miss me too much, yeah?

Oh, and prepare for the shitstorm of people complaining about Santonio's TD...Not this guy, however! WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! (this guy = me)


Noah said...

Still hasn't completely sunk in yet, but We. Are. Winners.

I know it was against the 2nd ranked defense in the league, but where was that last drive the whole game. They can make a game plan off of those last drives......


big TC said...

great year for aaron smith. hell of season. esp from being hurt last year. he had to battle back from injury and he has to deal with the fact that his son has leukemia. heres to you aaron.


domski cant stop smiling today said...

Question: Where would the refs spot the ball if Santonio's touchdown did not count? The one cm line? If Ravens fans want to complain, they should tell their defense not to let BIG Ben drive 90 some yards on the final drive.

Things that were awesome = Joe "Blue Hen" Flacco 100 yards passing w/ 2 interceptions.

I loved that CBS showed the close up of Harrison getting just about decapitated on the way to the qb.

Bring on the Titans!

tiny350Z said...

Things that were awesome:
I think you covered most of them.
Oh, and so far it looks like no one was really hurt during this game. So much for that bounty, huh.

Things that were not awesome:
The hard-core fellatio on the Ravens given by Phil Simms. Really, guy?
The whole feeling like I'm going to have a coronary throughout that entire damn game.
The asshole text messages from friends after the game saying that the TD call was BS. Yeah? Well, so were all the missed calls we had up until then, so eff off.

matt said...

If we could just have a ref call a hold on drives me nuts!

We should make arians sit out the next 5 games & fire him next year.

Holmes/Snack pic is great!

tecmo said...

On the closeup of the LT holding Silverback:

Simms: Great blocking by the left tackle

Nantz: ...Was that a hold?

Simms: Yes it was

Honestly, that was the conversation. If its something trivial like that that ends our season (like the hold in the Jags game last year), I'm gonna be really warm about it.

ladi_izz said...

Yeah, this whole holding not being called is really getting out of hand. At first I thought that it was just against Silverback, but someone at Behind the Steel Curtain has been keeping track and has noted that there have been no holding calls on any of the Steelers opponents since the Indy game. That is ridiculous.

domski43 said...

schedule makers have to be smiling today when they realize that the #1 seed for both the nfc and afc will come down to titans/steelers and carolina/giants.

i heart the nfl.

haynesworth and vandenbosch are beat up right now, this is the perfect time to play the titans. home field advantage in pittsburgh could take on a whole new meaning under HCMT (Head Coach Mike Tomlin). Dont be afraid of home field anymore, that was cowher's problem.

Vern said...

The Titans are gonna get raped.