December 13, 2008

OFTOT Week In Review - Week 15...

If I have to read one more word about Legislation and Regulation, I'm going to start cutting myself. Seriously. I'm [effing] over it. Thursday cannot come soon enough!

Anyways, here's your Week 15 in review...

1. Sunday - we dropped the latest installment of [Unnamed] Steelers Pregame show on y'all. At what point do you think we actually name this thing?

2. Monday - we relished in contributing to Tony Romo's continually poor December performances and then unfurled this week's Outtake reel. There were some good ones in there, I gotta admit.

3. Tuesday - we verbally felated the Ravens for a bit and then moved on to applauding Jenny Craig.

4. Wednesday - we shared stories about angry, spiteful Ravens fans and then I got all philosophical on your asses. Apologies again for that one...

5. Thursday - It's a Steelers beard-off! Where would YOU rank 'em? Yeah, and some...stuff? About like Franco's Cheese Pizza or something. Who knows?

6. Friday - Oops, me company xmas party and study day precluded me morning post, and then Terrell Suggs vs. Ray Lewis in a battle of dickfaces. Who ya got?

7. Oh yeah, and we poked fun at the rest of the division and also J Peezy. Well, ok, not so much the BenGALs. But I think I'm calling time of death on them for this season. So don't expect that to change anytime soon.

Er...let's see, riffs...uh, well I didn't go to work yesterday, so I didn't think about this at all. Um, how about...

1. Time Is Running Out - Muse
2. Wait Up - Q-Tip
3. Scentless Apprentice - Nirvana
4. If Your Mother Only Knew - Rahzel (Do yourself a favor and go watch the video of this)
5. Devil In Jersey City - Coheed and Cambria

Bonus selection...
The Show - Slick Rick and Doug E Fresh

Unfortch, no show tomorrow. But yes, liveblog. See y'all around 4:10 PM Eastern, be there or be a Ravens fan.

Back to this nerdy bullshit...


random asshole said...

Just because of the Nirvana reference, I must throw in a link to the most pointless CNN story of the week.

big TC said...



tecmo said...

Sucks to be you, TC.

Man, I haven't seen that Rahzel shit in years. Well done.

Cotter said...

random asshole ~ Makes me wish I had some oddball claim to fame that would facilitate people offering me a grand just to come hang out with them. That, right there, is what I like to call "the Cash Flow Deal." Ridiculous. But good for the kid!

tc ~ Sorry to disappoint, my brotha! But alas, sometimes one must make unpleasant sacrifices in the name of not failing final exams that determine one's grade for an entire law school course. I promise that next week's show will be double the fun, though.

tec ~ Dude, I saw that shit live at the TLA in Philly (small venue) and I was like right up front. I still can't believe he does it all himself. Rahzel > Everyone