December 8, 2008

[Unnamed] Steelers Pregame Show Outtake Reel - Week 14...

I feel the need to provide y'all with a little explanation...

When you press play on this here outtake reel, you'll see that there's a good minute to minute and a half of us just watching TV and reacting. During that time, we were watching some show called like, "World's Greatest Stunts" or something, and this was really nothing more than a seemingly endless sequence of people crashing cars, boats, planes, motorcycles (sorry to bring it up, but it was in there...not Ben's, of course), etc. So when you hear me say, "You're an idiot" about 600 times, that's why. Either that, or I'm just talking to myself.

One way or another, as usual, we sincerely hope you enjoy this weekly dose of idiocy!

Roll tape!

And then watch it anew at PSaMP.

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