December 8, 2008

Was That You, Neil O'Donnell?

Yikes, I'll bet the emergency rooms of Pittsburgh were up to their ears in cardiac arrests last night!

Turnover after turnover after turnover, and yet, just three points.

And I mean, Jeff Reed missed a field goal? Albeit a 45 yarder, which is no chip shot on a normal day at Heinz, let alone on a bitterly cold one.

And wait, Heath Miller fumbled? I guess we can check that one off on the list of things that only happen once in a blue moon.

If you had told me all this without telling me the final score, I'd have probably assumed that the Steelers lost.

But thankfully, that was NOT the case!

After scoring 10 unanswered points in the 4th quarter to tie it up with 2 minutes left, Deshea Townsend, an unlikely hero, sealed the deal with a beautiful pick six that just might have been partial payback for Super Bowl XXX. Sure, it wasn't nearly of the same magnitude. But, isn't it ironic? Don't ya think?

Whoa, Alanis Morisette. That's when you know things have gone from bad to worse at OFTOT.

Anyways, while I think it's discouraging that our Offense couldn't get anything going for basically three quarters, they got it going when it mattered most - in the clutch. And I'll take that over a loss, every day of the week.

So let's just get right to it - this week's "Things That Were Awesome," "Things That Were Not Awesome," and "Things That Nearly Landed Me In Intensive Care"...and once that's over, give us all yours in the comments! Not you, Cowboys fans. If you're here to talk shit, you might as well click away now. Nobody wants to hear your crying...

1. Troy's league-leading 7th INT on 3rd play of the game! And Domski called it!
2. Stopping Cowboys on 4th down, twice in the 1st half!
3. Ike Taylor got a pick! I mean, he actually caught the ball! And I called it!
4. Watching TO bitch on the sidelines!
5. James Farrior - a sack and 12(!) total tackles, 6 solo!
6. Nate Washington on the game tying drive - 3 catches for 51 (of 67 total on the drive) yds!
7. Silverback - 1 sack/forced fumble and 5 solo tackles. Still a monster!
8. Sansmokio's 35 yard punt return!
9. Heath Miller's TD!
10. Deshea's knife in the Cowboys gut for the win!

...Sidebar - Can you tell that these things enthused me?

1. 5 sacks on Ben, all in the 2nd half
2. Anthony Smith - Fighting, dude? You're lucky you weren't flagged!
3. Getting 0 on our 1st drive in the 2nd half then letting the Cowboys score 7
4. Jeff Reed missing a 45 yarder (though I'd like to give him a pass)
5. Going into the half tied at 3 despite 4 Dallas turnovers and a variety of Dallas injuries

1. Mitch Berger - two punts under 20 yds and a net avg of 32 yds
2. Ben's fumble in the 2nd quarter
3. Can we please stop showing Michael Phelps at football games? Seriously. I know this was the Ravens game, but come on. Isn't his 15 minutes up until 2012?
4. Tashard Choice - 166 total yards, 88 rushing (most by any back vs. '08 Steelers)
5. Going for it on 4th down at the goal line and getting stuffed!

And as has been the case lately, here's some pictures to enjoy as well...

Nikki pups was ready to rumble...

How sweet it was! By the way, does Larry Foote's tattoo say "I Go Hard?"...that's what she said.

Now, there's something I haven't seen 14 other times this season!

Heath was available for piggyback rides after the game as well...

PS - is that blood on his pants?

Something about that visor just makes Sansomkio look real badass.


Yep, that's a hole, alright.

Aw, Ben loves you too, Demarcus...and also, Kemoeatu FAIL!

Hey Wade, I see that you have the same jacket as me, but with the Cowboys colors. Congratulations, I hope you like it as much as I do. Good game, too...ish.

Abort! Abort! We have been spotted!

Unfortunately, the Ravens won again last night, which puts them at 9-4. Still just a game behind us. And by the way, whoever it was that told me during the liveblog that the Ravens wouldn't capitalize on turnovers - 14 points off of two in the 1st quarter (of their 24 total points) last night. Just sayin'...

10-3! Ravens next week! It's gonna be a good one! I can't wait!

Now, my friends, the floor is yours...


Christmas Ape said...

I can't bring myself to watch any more than the last three minutes of that game. Probably ever.

big TC said...

big game next week. jesus, if we win...we CLINCH!!

after the game they were selling shirts in the parking lot saying
"Dallas Sucks but Jessica Simpson swollows."


marc said...

I'm hungover

tiny350Z said...

Our defense saved us again. I had a fear that last night would be the first time this season we would allow a team go for over 300 total yards. But they saved... as usual.

I liked that almost every time I screamed "Interception!" it happened.

My favorite part, however, was after the game as I go down to grab my laundry still dressed in my Steelers shirt, dood in the elevator says, "oh sorry the Steelers lost." What? I informed him of our spectacular win. That was fun.

Vern said...

Ike Taylor caught the ball!

Not only that, but it was a tough catch!

If he would have only turned around on the TD to Owens...

random asshole said...

Am I the only one who thought this game reminded me of when we played the Browns at the beginning of the season, where neither offense can do anything because the weather is terrible but the Steelers just do nothing better?

Anonymous said...

Deshea with the pick 6 at the end was ubelievable. He's like 40, but he still has speed. He should get DPOW. I'm still in disbelief that the Steelers pulled that win out, grateful as hell though.

Fuck you very much, Redskins.

matt said...

tiny350Z - that same thing happened to me after the chargers game. Ordered a pizza and the delivery guy said "tough loss man"

Pssh, get your shit straight Mr. Papa John

Noah said...

I detested that every 3 plays a Dallas player would go down, esp. when they had no timeouts. That's like that Colts-Pats game only worse.

I didn't like 5 sacks, neither did I like TOs multiple non flag jabs to the face of Taylor. He got what was coming to him anyway.

At some point, our offense will have to play better. Pretty please?

tiny350Z said...

Oh yeah, and another thing that wasn't cool? A butt load of missed pass-interference calls on the Cowboys. Not cool. Alright, maybe only two - I saw at least two.

matt - agreed. people needn't say things when they're unsure or haven't even checked a box score checked. Tell that to big-wig guy with the office next to my cube... his stats are always wrong. I think he'd be embarassed to be schooled by a peon, though.

domski43 said...

if the steelers offense could somehow conistently play like they do when they need a game winning drive the offensive issues would be solved. Big players make big plays in big games = thank you big ben (again!)

this is two games in a row where draw plays out of the shotgun formation have killed the steelers run defense. I know the focus was not on Choice, but i expect a lot of this against baltimore (sort this out.)

loved the game yesterday, but the ravens game means everything to this season.

domski43 said...

oh yeah, i agree, the cowgirls laying all over the field to stop the clock was real cute.

despite the 5 sacks, the offensive line looked solid in pass blocking yesterday. ben had a nice,comfortable pocket to throw.

#14 said...

Why do you compare Romo to Neil O'Donnell? Just like every other yinzer that rags on Neil. You're the reason why no one likes Steeler fans. Neil O'Donnell is one of the best QBs the Steelers have ever had. He threw a few bad picks in the SB, but how do you know those were totally his fault. I am pretty sure the receiver and Neil had a miscu on the timing routes. It happens. I don't remember too many other players doing much in that game. Neil was the reason why we were even in that game against the Cowboys. Quit being a yinzer.

Cotter said...

Uh, I compared the two jokingly. Not serious at all about that, nor am I discounting anything Neil O'Donnell did for the Steelers. Perhaps you need to re-read the post and get back to me. Tell me if you see any place where I shit on Neil O'Donnell.

Also, relax. I highly doubt I (a lowly Steelers blogger) am the reason "why no one likes Steelers fans."

Sheena Beaston said...

#14, learn to spell miscue.

Mavis Beacon will teach you typing.