September 13, 2008

OFTOT Week In Review...

OFTOT was in full force this week. So if you missed any of the unintelligent and uninformed commentary and you're masochistic enough to want to change that, here's a list of the main stories...

1. Tecmo and I made the worst Pre-Game Show in history

2. Tom Brady now has 150,000% more time to spend with Giselle

3. I played killjoy for three days to demonstrate a point

4. The Raiders sucked worse than Tommy Maddox

5. I wasted my breath taking Vince Young to task

6. Lamarr Woodley - shitload of nicknames and one badass photoshop

7. We made some new friends

8. Hey, aren't we playing the Browns on Sunday?

9. In case you've forgotten what a Steelers-Browns game looks like

Service Announcement - be sure to come back Sunday morning to check out the Pre Game Show Extravaganza and on Sunday evening to discuss the game as it happens with master of the liveblog - Tobiathan.

And make sure you tell 'em Black & Golddust sent you!

Now, everyone grab a mojito and rock out with your cock out. It's the freakin' weekend baby, I'm about to have me some fun. I suggest you do the same.

Cot-ter, end communication.


Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

Shit, Cotter, yuo've been BUSY. Friday morning I checked out "Making Friends is Easy" (very funny stuff from the panel, by the way). Then I step away from my computer for the day and come back to all this? Chill, dude, relax, have a drink. You've earned it.

tobiathan said...

I have to slightly amend my sugggestion for our LB crew's nickname. I think it should be:

The Four Horsemen of the Apoca-Blitz

Only a change of a letter. I'm still very impressed by the degree of my own clever-isms.

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

Love it.