September 8, 2008

Breaking TEARing News: Brady's Season Officially Over...

And we didn't even get the glory of doing it.

Oh well, says a Patriots press release has confirmed it - Tom Brady will miss the rest of the '08 season with the nastiest of the nasty injuries, Carson Palmer syndrome a torn ACL.

Well, it's something in his knee, anyway. As usual, the Hatriots/Belicheat are mum on what it may/may not be.

/rolls eyes

Somewhere right now, Tobiathan is weeping throwing a huge bash.

I suggest you go find him/it.

T-minus 15 minutes before Patriots "fans" somehow uncover this post and begin to spit venom in the comments...


Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

Matt Cassell looked okay yesterday, but Tom Brady is the best QB in the business. Karma's a bitch, isn't it?

Lori said...

Ouch. Should I feel bad about calling him Melon Head?

Cotter said...

jppb ~ Yep, and let's face it - (RE: Cassel) - Even Kyle Boller would look good with Randy Moss on the other end.

lori ~ Tom Brady does not require your sympathy, thank you very much.

The Chief said...

What I find ironic about this whole thing is last year, during the Spying-infused winning streak they had, people were hinting toward the *gulp* unspeakable and saying that teams would be going after Brady to try to take him out. Hell, even Cowher mentioned the notion that some team might try to on air!

In a way, the Gods were smiling on the rest of us as if to say - 'no... give him the entire undefeated season and playoffs only to lose the Superbowl and then come back to the very next game and tear that damn thing!'

I don't wish anyone to be hurt... and while I certainly don't want to have THIS injury (ACL) be on purpose, I would have loved to see someone pop him in the face.

I really wish we could have seen someone like Silverback come and knock him on his metrosexual ass!

tobiathan said...

As much as i karmically fear showing joy at anyone's suffering, i still think Belichud and Tom Terrific had this coming. Karma will not be denied. Ever.

Despite the fact that proof was never publically released about NE's cheating, i knew it was happening, and had been for years. Belichek was a horrible head coach in way he turned into the "Greatest Coach of His Era". Period. And Brady has made throws for years that told me he *knew* where the defense was going. Nobody throws no-look timing-pass TDs 2 or 3 times a week, every week w/o some advanced knowledge.

Soo....the Football Gods(the spirits of Lombardi, Brown, Mike Webster, Lyle Alzado, Gene Upshaw, Rozelle, The Chief, Sweetness, Derrick Thomas, Johnny U, Reggie White, Tom Landry, and all the other greats who gave so much w/o breaking rules) saw to it that Mr. Brady-cakes paid, and so will Belicheat. I doubt the Prats will be able to steal their way out of this situation, because, even as a cheater, Brady WAS a great QB.

I hope he recovers fully. It wouldn't bother me if he retired, but i hope he *survives* (ahem...) OK.