September 10, 2008

Speak Softly and Carry Lamarr Woodley...

A couple of days ago, I mentioned Lamarr Woodley needed a nickname. Well, as it turns out, he's already got one - "The Wood."

But that doesn't mean we can't kick around some alternatives. And that's just what you guys did in the comments on Monday.

So here's a list of the suggestions put forth to date. Peruse them at your will and tell us all which ones strike your collective fancy the most, in the comments. Alternate suggestions are, of course, also welcome.

Here we go...

1. Big Wood
2. Woodchuck
3. Lamarr "Hoodlum" Woodley
4. LW (or "L-Dub")
5. The Woodshed
6. The Beastly Boy
7. Lamarr "God of War" Woodley

And I'd just like to add a little tagline I've been toying with for ol #56 (in addition to the title of this post, that is)...

"Over the Three Rivers and through "The Wood," and home with Derek Anderson's head on a stick we'll go."
Ok, that was just for the Browns. But hey, they're now on notice. Be afraid, Derek Anderson. Be very afraid.

What say you, Steelers nation?


Anonymous said...


marc said...

1. Wood

domski43 said...

Le Wood

Mark said...

Wood-chipper (except he is more like a quarterback-chipper)

Dan said...

How about TAZ for the Tazmanian Devil!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What's up with all of this animal, beast, and hoodlum ish??

The Wood--case closed.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Cotter said...

anon 1 ~ Certainly that is a possibility, dude. Thanks for the comment!

marc ~ Like, "You don't knock on Wood[ley], Wood[ley] knocks you OUT?"

domski ~ You just frenchified Lamarr Woodley. That name makes him approximately 85% less intimidating. I hope you're happy with yourself.

mark ~ Definitely going into the rotation. Thanks for the comment!

dan ~ I think Troy Polamalu might have something to say about that, but I like your thinking! Thanks for the comment!

anon 2 ~ Oh, make no mistake, "The Wood" isn't going anywhere. That's first and foremost the nickname of choice. But you know, derivations of it are cool in my book too. Change things up a bit every now and then, nahmeen?

Anonymous said...

BigWillie72- Derek Anderson and the rest of the clowns let me rephrase some old school for ya to help ya understand....

" the boy named THE WOOD is always hard, come talking your trash he'll pull your card!"

Oldschoolers you know the rest.

Jay D. said...

I say "The Woodshed" as in D. Andersons got his beat down in "The Woodshed"

tobiathug said...

..."Knowin' nothin' in life but to be legit, don't quote me, boy: ah ain't said sh*t!"

NWA, baby.

Yeah- i'm OG, too. Believe it or not...

Cheddarbiathan said...

I think we should nickname our LBers "The GrrrAnimauls"

Noah said...

Very nice post. I def. agree with Jay D. as the Woodshed is the place to go for appropriate punishment. I also agree with Cheddarbiathan as our LBs need a nickname as a whole. Kinda like the fantastic four with their people. Only, that would exclude Timmons, who ain't so bad himself. There's just no where to put him. Poor guy. Here are some (bad) suggestions:

1. Steelbackers
2. Rock 'em, sock 'em boppers.
3. Steelforce
4. Poisonbackers

feel free to put your on
(no, really please!)


Big Snack Silverback said...

THE WOOD hasn't been bested as far as I can tell. Nothing wrong with Big Wood though. As far as the backers go, didn't Farrior want to call themselves "Linebackers Gone Wild" in 2005? Pretty gay name, I think we can come up with something better. How about STEEL LUNCH.

greg. said...

how about "the big stick."

i like it, it still stays true to his 'wood' nickname, but carries with it the idea of being a hard hitter.

Anonymous said...

Note from Derek Anderson after getting sacked by LaMarr 3 times " Is that a Woodley in your pocket or you just happy to keep sacking me"

Anonymous said...

lamar "QB Owned" woodley

Jay D. said...

As a group, how about "The 'Back stoppers" and the picture is the LB's next to a sign that says "No 'Backs beyond this point"...No QB's or RB's.

tobiathan, master nicknamer said...

How about "The Four Horsemen of the Apoco-Blitz"?

I'm so in love with my own genius...

steelerguy26 said...

I gotta say "The Four Horsemen of the Apoco-Blitz" is pretty fitting gets my vote.

As for Woodley, Brady Anderson, Derrick Quinn whoever the hell the Cleve Brownies put in, it wont matter as Silverback and the "Wood" are gonna check them into the Smackdown Hotel.

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