March 6, 2009

Meeting People Is Easy...

There comes a point in the evening/early morning after which no one can be expected to be funny. Last night, that point came shortly after 1 AM, when I was just about finished with all the dirty work, but hadn't added my answers to the MPIE grid yet.

Conversely, there is also a point in the morning before which no one can be expected to be funny. And today we still haven't reached that point yet.

Plus, all photoshop and no play makes Cotter wanna cut himself...

So I guess the net message = If it's mildly humorous, witty prose you want right now, might I suggest you start a blog and write some of your own.

'Cause I got nothing.

Anyways, here's this week's panel...

1. Dan Gigler
2. tiny350z
3. Marc
4. Vern
5. Don
6. Joey Porter's Pit Bulls
7. Notgomu
8. Sean
9. Noah
10. Ben
11. Doug
12. Tecmo
13. Nate
14. El Jefe

You know what to do...

Click to enlarge...

Now, where the hell is my coffee?

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tecmo said...

There also comes a point where you can't hyperlink. That time is now.

Hey Doug, am I a new employee at Get Fresh Designs?

I kid, I kid. When's the semester over?

I agree IMMENSELY on Jeff Reed getting a vasectomy. We need no future Reeds running around, smashing WetNap packages and whatnot.

Cotter said...

Yeah, I'll bet everyone was really misled by that mistake.


Get Fresh Designs said...

tecmo, you'll work for buttons right?

But what if Reed has a kid who is the greatest kicker ever and will play for the steelers??

tiny350Z said...

I think I'm dyslexic. That's what I get for sending that on my phone. No proofreading.

Cotter said...

Yeah, I still should've caught that.

But hey, listen, I don't see any of you all spending hours putting something like this together.

So if you'd like to volunteer to be my Editors, feel free.

Cotter said...

/also fixed

tecmo said...


You know I'm just bustin' your balls. Great work as always with MPIE.

Doug, yes, I work for buttons. I'm also willing to take the risk of Reed not having any amazing kids.

tiny350Z said...

Thanks for the fix! You didn't have to. I can edit - sometimes... But I'm not sure you want a dyslexic proofreading your shti.

Get Fresh Designs said...

sweet. tecmo, get on making a 5 year plan for get fresh designs. I want that by Monday, 8 AM. NO! 7 AM! Single spaced, 10 pages. I'll pay you when you're done.

you ever need some photoshop help, i'm an e-mail away.

tecmo said...

Business plans suck.

/trying to remember info from junior year Entrepreneur class from St. Vincent

Get Fresh Designs said...

less complaining, more work.

tecmo said...

No, I wasn't complaining. That's just all I remember from Entrepreneur class. Too much partying that year