February 24, 2009

This Was Going To Be A Good Post, And Then...

I'm not gonna lie to you, I'm all kinds of unprepared this morning. I was too busy jaggin' around with web nerd shit last night to put in any solid creative writing time.

But the good news is that at some point in the next month or two this site will start to suck less, visually. How much less, of course, remains to be seen.

Everyday I come here and I get so irritated by the template I have to work with. For Christ's sake, I can't even put YouTube videos on here without resizing them to fit. And solid black? Really? That's all you've got, Blogger? Oh, what's that? Solid white? Oh, ok, thanks. Yeah, that sounds so much better.

These are the choices I've been living with...

Plus, I'd like to also add some sort of social networking type of deal that is way less amateur than this Google Friend Connect nonsense. That's right, Google. I'm not afraid of you anymore!

This application kind of sucks. I mean, it's cool that we can all be "members" of something together and be "friends" with one another, but a comment wall? That's the best we can do, Google? How long did it take Johnny Harvard to come up with that one?

Baby steps, I suppose.

Meanwhile, I'm over it.

I can't create pages, this Followers application is horse shit, and these column widths are laughable.

I'm also eventually going to open Dreamweaver, figure out how that shit works, and get my hands dirty with a little actual web design. The sad part is, I kind of can't wait. I love figuring things out. I'll purposely don't go looking for help when I don't know how to do something, just so I can force myself to figure it out. I guess my brain likes to know stuff. Good thing someone around here does, 'cause I sure couldn't care less.

Anyways, I've got some ideas, but nothing I'd call a solid plan. So if y'all have any suggestions on things you'd like to see in the way of social networking, or really anything for that matter, by all means, let my ass know. Just let me be clear - this is not an invitation to email me about a date. Unless you're hot. And a chick. In that case, I'll make an exception.

So what else can we talk about this morning?

Don't look at me. This isn't my blog. I just hang out here.

Jussssstttttt kiddddddddinnnnnnggggg.

How about this - here is a list of questions that I've been pondering for the last day or so:

1. Will Bryant McFadden be a Steeler come March?

2. If not, how bad would that really be?

3. If Nate Washington is out, how does that affect our wide receiving corps?

4. Will this really be the year that the Steelers take an O-lineman in the 1st round?

5. How sick was Aaron Curry's 4.56 40 time?

And then finally, one quick service announcement: I know I joked about getting slaughtered in this Best Pittsburgh Sports Blog Tournament, but apparently I might actually have a shot here. So, not like it matters, but if you haven't already voted and wouldn't mind spending a few seconds over at Sean's pad, I would be very thankful.

Now, I believe I had some questions for you?


Marc said...

BMac, I hope he's a Steeler, but we won't lose as much as we think as long as Gay can keep it up.

Washington is gone, the WR free agents suck, and Sweed will kick some ass. Also, if Holmes can be more consistant that would open up Hines/Heath more. Maybe that's just my dream that Heath gets more balls thrown his way.

We had better take an o lineman, unless a stud d-line drops to us. I would love Shipley if he fell to the third.

Cotter said...

I tend to agree on BMac. I was all hot on re-signing him until I realized how much good corners are getting paid (See dude with unpronounceable name from Oakland). We have to pick and choose because we've got some big time free agents next season, like Silverback, who need to get PAID. Plus, McFadden's agent is Drew Rosenhaus. Eff that.

As for Washington, it's tough to always have the 3rd receiver position in flux. Now I guess it has to be Sweed. Which means he better grow up fast. I guess the good news is that the law of averages says if he gets more chances, at some point he'll have to make a play or two. But I have to agree with you on Heath. You can hardly ever go wrong throwing the ball to Heath Miller. Conversation over.

I also agree with you on the lineman pick. I mean, what other position would we look for in the 1st round this year besides o line or d line? Corner maybe, but I doubt we'd need to draft one that high with Ike, Deshea and Willie Gay around.

Shipley. Sort it out, Colbert.

Oh yeah, and are you sure your dream isn't just about balls...being "thrown" at you? I think you know what I mean...

Ah, bad jokes.

Folks, the 1PM show is way better than the 10AM show. So try and stick around...I apologize.

tiny350Z said...

It looks as though we won't be retaining BMac for next season. In addition, coming off of a Superbowl win, he can command a higher price - considering we paid him, what, under a mil last year? We picked him up in Round 2... So perhaps that could be our second priority in the draft?

But who knows... We have a knack for finding diamonds in the rough - or whatever.

I keep finding myself having to somewhat defend Limas Sweed - It's not necessarily a defense more than just saying "give him time". Holmes had a pretty rough first season as well - dropping a number of balls on punt returns. And now, a superbowl mvp. I'm just sayin... Sweed may improve. One season does not a player make... or something.

Noah said...

McFadden and Washington gone, I might just cry.

domski43 said...

like you said cotter, if letting go mcfadden and washington means signining more important guys next year then, thanks and see you later nate and mcfadden.

from everything i've heard this year's draft is stocked w/ talent at the tackle position, at least 8 thick. so i hope we get 1 of those 8 guys. Remember the steelers had a late draft pick when they moved up to get santonio(first wr drafted that year), and picked up heath miller late as well (he was the 1st te drafted that year). So if the draft plays out w/ a lot of teams focusing on the same position the Steelers could get a top rated corner, center, defensive end, or even wide receiver (hines isnt getting any younger).

Cotter said...

tiny ~ Yeah, I have to make light of Limas Sweed just for the fact that he really didn't do much this season, but I'm also giving him time. Unlike some other people who've actually called to cut him (which if this is you, Jesus, be less reactionary), I'm willing to give him another year to show what he can do. Jumping from College to the NFL isn't exactly the easiest thing in the world. Not all rookies even get playing time their first year.

noah ~ Yeah, I mean on a personal level, if I had my way, I would keep them. But the reality is, there are financials involved that just may not allow it. Maybe if they do head out of town we'll have some sort of special OFTOT send-off. But knowing me, it'll be more like a roast than something more reverent.

domski ~ True. You think the fact that they're talking to Kemo's peeps means anything for the draft?