February 24, 2009

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

There are two reasons to go with this headline today.

1. This is a sign that we really are in that black hole of suck between the Super Bowl and the draft, when this can actually be considered "news."

2. What is Dan Orlovsky hoping to accomplish by this market testing?

I mean, does Dan Orlovsky not remember that he's probably one of the only QBs to actually run out of his own end zone unknowingly, for a safety? He must not if he thinks he's going to get a decent deal anywhere else. Well, ok, I guess that's not completely true. San Fran might give him a shot. Hell, last year they named JT O'Sullivan their starter over Alex Smith (not that it wasn't the right move, either). There really isn't anywhere for them to go but up.

Anyways, the real point here is - Who cares?

Not me, I know that much.

Here, I wasted my time gathering links for you. Go ahead and read them if you want...

Carl Joseph inducted into the Florida High School Athletic Association Hall of Fame [PSaMP]

Hines Ward signs DVDs at 1 PM today in West Mifflin and The Wood signs DVDs at 1 PM tomorrow in Robinson Township. There, I did my good deed of the day [Post-Gazette]

Speaking of, here are the Freak Show's pics from yesterday's premier [96.1 Kiss]

10 guys the Steelers just MIGHT draft [Steve Is Alive]

A little more on BMac [BTSC]

Apparently the Titans have interest in Nate Washington? [Nashville City Paper]

Marvel Smith is ready to take his act on the road. Sad, but at the same time understandable [Post-Gazette]

Marvin Harrison to be released. The entire city of Philadelphia has already prematurely ejaculated all over this [Associated Press]

Vikings talking to Texans about Sage Rosenfels. Really, Brad Childress? THIS is your plan. God help Vikings fans [Associated Press]

Kerry Collins, have things really gotten that bad? [HHR]

Now McNabb is giving Philly a weak ultimatum? Wait, I'm confused [Shutdown Corner]

Chris Cooley on hockey - "Sidney Crosby is good at talking shit, Alex Ovechkin is good at hockey." Chris, if you're reading this, see here...Who talks shit, again? [The Pensblog]

Pierre McGuire as Pens coach? Kiss your Mother with that mouth? [HFSS]

The Rangers fired Tom Renney and hired Jon Tortorella. Don't care enough to be clever about reporting this [ESPN]

Pitt = #1 [Associated Press]

Day Two of Tirico Suave's Mt. Rushmore experiment. Today - "Mt. Rushmore of chubby child actors who resemble Texas Tech Coach Mike Leach." Priceless [Tirico Suave]

More on Rick Reilly's misdirected hostility [You Lay On The Ice Like A Broad!]

Gmail has been jaggin around lately... [BBC]

The world finally got Doug up on skates. Awesome [Dug E Fresh Rants]

The gallery of stars gone to shit. Come on, how could you pass this up? [The Superficial]

Slogan FAIL! [FAIL Blog]

Theme of today's riffs = Run/Running/Runaway songs. And we're on quite a roll right now, I might add [Friday Morning Riffs]

[insert something to wrap this all up here]

Oh wait, here you go - if you wanna be on this week's Meeting People Is Easy panel, shoot me an email - onefortheotherthumb@gmail.com. I plan on coming up with the questions later on this afternoon. First come, first served.

/now, done

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Noah said...

Harrison is 36 man, would the eagles really want him?

Now Jeff Saturday on the other hand.....

Get Fresh Designs said...

Jerry Rice had 92 receptions for 1211 yards when he was 40. I could see Harrison putting up those numbers again too.

besides the Eagles are trying to win now. take a gamble and when they fail. then rebuild.

Noah said...

I like when you say when....lol

random asshole said...

If I were Orlovsky, I'd definitely be looking to be a backup for a better team. Luckily for him, every other team is a better team.

Cotter said...

doug ~ Funny you should mention that. Domski and I were just talking about that Eagles mentality yesterday. I'm glad you made the point.

asshole ~ +1. Well done as usual.