January 6, 2009

Speaking of Jokes...

What Do Steely McBeam and Vincent Jackson Have In Common?

They've both been arrested for DUIs.

Congratulations, V-Jacks. You sir, are the smartest man alive. With impeccable timing to boot!

Here's a tip - if you're gonna go ridin' dirtay, you should at least have the foresight to call Sansmokio.

I couldn't laugh any harder at this if I tried.

Thanks to Tec for the assist!


random asshole said...

I bet you could laugh harder. Try reading the comments on the article page:

Vincent Jackson was missing last week. Apparently he was in a bar

Cotter said...

Jesus, that's bleak.

If the Chargers play anywhere near the quality of that joke on Sunday, it'll be a bloodbath.

Although, he might not be joking. Maybe he WAS at the bar, 'cause I'm still not sure he showed up to that game on Saturday...

Oh the horrible jokes. Make them stop.

Marc said...

I think he'll play though, boo