January 6, 2009

Break Out The Violins...

So as we all know, Silverback was supremely honored yesterday as the AP's Defensive Player of the Year. And of course, as with every time an award like that is announced, some people have been expressing their opinions that certain other Defensive players got "slighted" in the voting. Namely, I'm talking about Demarcus Ware and Ed Reed, the 2nd and 3rd place finishers respectively (if my memory serves...which it usually does not).

First, as I was getting myself ready for work this morning (aka going through my typical primping routine), I heard Scott Van Pelt proclaim, "How did Ed Reed only finish 3rd?" Then, as I was working on this morning's joke of a post, I saw this article flat out saying, albeit weakly, that DeMarcus Ware got robbed.

Ok, listen, I understand that each have legitimate claims. After all, DeMarcus Ware led the league with 20 sacks and Ed Reed was the league's INT leader with 9, a couple of which he ran back for six points. But here's the deal - Silverback didn't just dominate ONE category, he dominated EVERYTHING.

Let me just read you his numbers...
101 total tackles.

16 sacks, and let's just say he could've had more if not for some factors I will not mention again lest I sound like a broken record...

7 forced fumbles. Let me just say that again...SEVEN. FORCED. FUMBLES!

A safety, which neither Ware nor Reed had...

And a pick. Sure, it was just one, but pass rushing linebackers typically don't have too many opportunities for interceptions. So he got the one he was given.

Plus, let's not forget, he led the NFL's top defense, missing only one game all year despite getting double teamed and what not on just about every down.

The best case can be made for Ware, 'cause, you know, he did have 20 sacks, 84 tackles and 6 forced fumbles. But let's face it, the Cowboys defense wasn't exactly dominant and as we all know, they didn't even make the playoffs. Not to mention, he wasn't cut three times before he even became a starter. In fact, both he and Ed Reed were both former 1st round picks.

And speaking of Reed, and his 41 tackles, 1 sack, 1 forced fumble and 9 picks - obviously, that's not exactly garbage. He would've been a fine choice as well. But while Reed dominated the secondary, this wasn't AP Defensive Back of the Year, it was Defensive PLAYER of the Year. So, to me, the choice makes sense.

Bottom line - Silverback was a force in almost every facet of the number 1 defense and his numbers show it. The writers could've voted for either him, Ware or Reed, or even Troy for that matter, and they would've been plenty justified. It just so happened that more writers voted for Silverback. So what are you gonna do? To the victor go the spoils.

Besides, these guys are all just lucky that Shaun Rogers wasn't nominated. I think we all know he would've crushed it. Ridiculous. Browns are the best team in the league...not.

PS - If anyone who hasn't been part of Meeting People Is Easy in the past wants to be on this week's panel, shoot my ass a hot email and let me know - onefortheotherthumb@gmail.com. Rock.


tiny350Z said...

You have eloquently put my thoughts in writing. The fact that Silverback was able to produce those numbers along with leading the league's number one defense is impressive.

Cotter said...

Yeah, it isn't exactly revolutionary thinking or anything. But it was on my mind, so I posted it. Whatevs.


Vern said...

Ed Reed's a tough one. Maybe.

But Ware? I think I'm going to go read that article and then urinate all over it. I think he had a few big games against weak opponents to inflate his sack numbers.

Cotter said...

Sad part is, I'm not sure you could even call it an article. I think the headline is the only legit part of it.


tiny350Z said...

I'm down... I'll be home and at work for at least a week.

thetackle said...

write up on silverback