January 7, 2009

The Kids Steelers In The Hall...

Well, not exactly IN the hall yet, but there are a few former Steelers who are finalists for this year's inductions. Check it out - Rod Woodson, Dermontti Dawson (not pictured...cause he's too damn cool for pictures) and former Hog/Steelers line coach, Russ Grimm.

All excellent options. How does one choose?

I say vote 'em all in. In fact, I say give all of Cris Carter's votes to these three clowns. Although, I did rather enjoy Carter saying he'd put a bullet in TO. That was quality television.

On a completely unrelated note - Dude, remember how massive Cortez Kennedy was back in the day? Man that was a huge bitch. And how nasty was Derrick Thomas? TOO nasty. That is all I have to say about everyone else's finalists.

So I guess, good luck Rod, Double D, and Grimm...?

Yeah, I don't know either...

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