January 6, 2009

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

Oh, Jim Fassel. How hast thou fallen? It seems like just yesterday you were coaching the Giants to bitter failure in Super Bowl XXXV.

Now, you're a prospect to Coach the Rams? The Rams, dude? And you're the same Jim Fassel who actively petitioned Al Davis to become the next Head Puppet Coach in Oakland? God help you, my friend. I know you want to get back into coaching, but eek. The Raiders, the Rams...who's next, the Lions? Maybe even the Browns?

Wow. Jim, what's up with your life?

Jim Fassel may be headed for failure anew, but these links will never fail...

Big Ben loves bowling...and so do I. Rock on [PSaMP]

Vern fights the Chargers disrespect for disrespect [You Lay on the Ice Like A Broad!]

Thank God for the Heinz Field turf...sounds weird saying that, but yeah [Post-Gazette]

Ben wasn't the only injured Steeler to pracice yesterday. Ryan Clark also joined him [Trib]

The latest from 5 Ain't Enough - some interesting topics including the Steelers "new" offense (my words, not theirs), thoughts on the Chargers game and "Why the Steelers must prepare Byron Leftwich" [5 Ain't Enough]

Jets are after Grimm now? That's rather interesting [Associated Press]

The Chargers performance Sunday was Oscar worthy? Sure, whatever [San Diego Union-Tribune via Post-Gazette]

Doug tells a story with an uplifting ending...you'll know which one I'm talking about [Dug E Fresh Rants]


The Immortal Silky Johnson said...

That guy got rather medieval on their San Diegan asses.

Cotter said...

Vern doesn't mess around.

San Diego is just lucky they're not Peter King.