October 13, 2008

Yeah, I Cried A Little Too...

Well, photograph me naked in a bathroom with a cell phone and call me Jeff Reed!

What a weekend for the NFL, right?

Ravens? Dominated.
Bengals? Ryan Fitzpatrick'd.
Broncos? Guess Maurice Jones-Drew doesn't suck anymore.
Bears? Matt Ryan = 300 yards.
Skins? Beat at home by Jim Haslet.
Cowboys? Got approximately 1500 calls their way and still lost to Cards.
Panthers? 3 points? Jesus. Christ.

To borrow a line from a wise man, the reality of it is -- this league is wide open. You wanted parity, America? You got it. And I was right there with you. What a breath of fresh air after watching the Patriots and Cowboys roll through their respective conferences last season. Finally, the league looks like it should - any man's game.

As far as the division goes? The Bengals are now 0-6. The Ravens are 2-4. The Browns are 1-4, playing the Giants tonight. And we should be getting Willie Parker, Carey Davis, Casey Hampton, and Brett Keisel back just in time to face the aforementioned winless Cincy on Sunday. Trap game? Maybe. But all we can do is prepare as if it were a playoff game, and be ready for anything and everything the Bengals might throw at us.

For what it's worth, I'm not taking the desperate Bungles lightly. Supposedly Carson Palmer's going to be back, and I may be wrong, but it looked to me like the trio of TJ Douchemanzadeh, Chad [insert last name of the day here], and He The Law Hate Me (Chris Henry) were all finally starting to produce at the same time. If the guy throwing the ball around yesterday isn't Ryan Fitzpatrick, it's entirely possible they win that game. The Jets should consider themselves lucky they didn't get humbled by the Bengals!

That said, I don't care if Carson Palmer DOES come back. I'll enjoy dominating HIM just as much as I'd enjoy routinely destroying Ryan Fitzpatrick. Of course, there's always the possibility that the first play will be a 50 yard bomb to Chris Henry. But speculating like that isn't necessary at this point. And you know me, I like to keep things positive. At least when we're NOT talking about Tony Homo Romo.

Anyways, while we all had a good rest last week, I'm still going to ease things in here, this week. So I ask you - Preliminary thoughts on the Cincy game? Thoughts on this past weekend's games? And most importantly, who'll be monitoring the police scanner to see if Chris Henry makes it to Sunday's game a free man?

Oh wait, I almost forgot. Did anyone else see Tecmo's favorite band, The Jonas Brothers at the Arizona game? Tecmo was sweating so hard when he heard they'd be there. Yeah.

/Monday sucks


Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

Yeah, I see your point about NOT taking the Bungles likely. On he other hand, Carson Palmerf is a pussy and, well, the entire team is a bunch of cretins, criminals and sucky losers. So ... I'm more than kinda liking the Steelers this week.

Cotter said...

Haha, I hear ya, my friend!

All I'm going to say is - the Rams, at 0-4, with an interim head coach, went on the road and beat the 4-2 Redskins yesterday. So like I say, anything's possible!

Of course, yeah, Carson Palmer is a pussy. No doubting that at all.

random asshole said...

Are the Chargers finally awake? As far as teams I couldn't care about go, they've been one of my favorite to watch for a few years. I hope this is the point where they actually start playing football and stop letting Denver run away with the division (ignoring the infamous blown calls from a few weeks ago). I can't figure out, though, why they haven't been using LT in I-formation. Lorenzo Neal may be gone, but LT has always been great behind a fullback, even if it has to be Tolbert.

Seriously, though, isn't this a great time to be a Steelers fan? 2.5 games up in the division and winning the tiebreakers thus far? This "hardest schedule in history" thing doesn't seem to matter as much when everyone else in the division is sucking harder than a common streetwhore.

thats what she said...

R. A-Hole - agreed about the whole Tomlinson I-formation thing. Also, Phillip Rivers looks improved this year, but getting Tomlinson as many touches as possible has been the Chargers bread and butter for the longest time. Ball control and time of possession is how the Chargers have won games in the past. Their defense is not as good as they use to be (especially w/out Lights Out), and keeping the ball on the ground will allow that defense to rest longer. Plus i'm not sure really how good the Patriots are anyhow.

Although the bAngles are winless, they still scare me. division games are always different. A few turnovers here and a kick return there could spell doom for the Steelers. If you asked a Cincy fan if they could win only one game, they would want nothin more than beat the Steelers.

Anybody still think the Ravens d is #1??? hahhahahahaha

Cotter said...

asshole ~ Yeah, I hear you on LT. I mean, Rivers may be doing well right now, but I really don't think I'd trust him chucking the ball around all season.

Either way, I still can't understand how they lost to the Dolphins? Improved or not, the Chargers should be beating a team like that...or maybe that's just like, my opinion, man.

that's what she ~ said. There, had to finish that thought.

You read my mind on Cincy. Teams with nothing to lose will always scare me. Especially when those teams are division rivals. Besides, they've now lost relatively narrowly to the Giants, Cowboys and Jets. At least two out of those three teams are half decent or better. A few more breaks and they might not be the winless train wreck they currently seem like.

And yeah, Ravens D looked like dogshit yesterday. Susceptible to the pass, much?

Big Snack Silverback said...

I will not be surprised if we lose. But that said, we should destroy them if we come prepared. I look for FWP to post 150 and 2, and Ben to post 1 sack (season high!). Also, The Wood will get 2 and Silverback 1. We may just get 2 or 3 pics, too! Does anyone else love watching our D WAY more than our O?