October 17, 2008

Meeting People Is Easy...

You know, I love these things. I really do. I love getting to interact with you all and other sports bloggers on a more personal level. Make your "e-cquaintances," learn more about who you are, what you're like as individuals and of course, what you'd say to Pacman Jones if given the chance. Real heavy stuff, you know? I feel quite blessed to be able to do this week in and week out. It's all lots and lots of fun. But these grids are quite possibly the most tedious exercise known to man. Seriously, I mean, I love Photoshop, but I may have to start paying someone to help me with this crap. Maybe The Dude's got some free time.

The things I do for this blog.

Anyways, this week's panel is as esteemed and knowledgeable as ever. Some new faces, some old, some real friggin' old (mostly me). And all of them probably got more sleep than I did this week.

Here they are, in order of appearance...

1. Kevin - Of Barry Melrose Rocks and Fanhouse fame. Carey Price or Martin Brodeur? No question. I probably hate Martin Brodeur more than anyone else on this earth. Carey Price. Come on, now.

2. King Ing - Sports, Crackle, Pop. I'm sorry, did you guys say something? I was busy for a minute there. Oh yeah, all you Pittsburghers out there - King's going to be in Pittsburgh in the near future and needs bar recommendations...perhaps you can help in the comments.

3. Rob Iracane - Walkoff Walk (and of course, taking care of Deadspin's light work). I'm a big fan of doing stuff like this on a regular basis. But I guess I don't need to tell you guys that, do I?

4. Hugging Harold Reynolds - Out there Hugging It Out for the people every damn day. You know, I honestly had never made this connection...I think I may be the only one.

5. Vern - You Lay On The Ice Like A Broad. If you're at work, don't even bother clicking that link. Wait 'til no one can accidentally see you reading a blog post about Sarah Palin wanting to deflower America.

6. Joey Porter's Pit Bulls - Has a message for Chad Johnson (and not the one below).

7. Dave - I linked to it the other day, but Dave is trying to parlay a Terrible Towel into Steelers season tickets. Here's how it works - he wants to trade you a Terrible Towel for your unique and interesting article of Steelers memorabilia that he can then trade for another item, and another, until he finally gets those tickets. So who's gonna get this thing going?

8. Sheena Beaston - Anybody care to take in some of the new Eminem track? Sheena's pretty much always got goodness like that. And the gift of making old Steelers names into puns.

9. Tecmo - About to get smoked in some 007 N64 style real soon. Oddjob, jagoff! Oh, and also recently critiqued Versus' new show, Sports Soup. In other news, I've asked Tec to critique the [Unnamed] Steelers Pregame Show. Early indicators point toward it being an Epic Fail.

10. Dug E Fresh - Taking a break from ranting for a weekend in Treasure Island, FL. Sounds pretty cool...I can't wait to have my life back. I'll read some property law for you, man. Your life > My life.

11. Me - Insert words here. Make them funny if you like.../head hits keyboard.

As usual, click below to enlarge...

Man, were those some good lookin' mugs or what?

What day is this, again?


tecmo said...

Rumshakers on the South Side.


Vern said...

I second Rumshakers. It's the gangsterest place on Carson St.!

tecmo said...

And the booths in the back are just sooo fantastic

domski43 said...

saddle ridge...its everything in one...whitetrash, beer, and mechanical bull, cant beat it

tecmo said...

Brighton Inn on the North Side

I'll have my best bud Bob drive in from Latrobe to meet you there. Such a dive

Cotter said...

Lloydsville VFW?

domski43 said...

there are some really nice bars in Alliquippa...you might run into ditka or ty law there too

tecmo said...

Dude, when you getting that N64?

/middle schooler

Cotter said...

Next weekend, son. Then we'll have to get a couple more controllers and have a four player death match. In the stacks. That shit is serious.

tecmo said...

Man you have no idea how excited I am to play that game. Its been years.

Well, I'd guess you'd be the one to know how excited I am about it. But the others...they haven't a clue.

Get Fresh Designs said...

Awesome, two votes for toadies possum kingdom.

gotta love hotel free wifi.

once again thanks for letting me be apart of this.

and I would school you guys in Goldeneye.

Vern said...


Vern said...

Also, I wish I had a bit more life knowledge back in the days so I could have referred to the RC-90's or whatever as the RU-486's.