October 17, 2008

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

Wait a minute, what?

First of all, WHEN and WHY were the Browns ever your "main rival?" State affiliation aside, when was the last time the Browns and Bengals were both good at the same time? Yeah, I don't know either. Though I guess sucking balls at the same time could create a heated rivalry as well.

Second of all, you're just NOW writing about how a "rivalry" was created after that AFC Wild Card game THREE years ago? What were you doing for these past 33 or so months? Blow drying your hair?

All this, AND not to mention the fact that, as the writer points out, the Steelers have won all of the last six meetings between us and the Bangles in Cincy.

Yeah, some rivalry, huh?

Let me tell you something, Bungholes. Between every team in the AFC North there is a rivalry. I can't really point to one specific team that is a "bigger" rival than another. I'd say the Browns for the Steelers, but honestly, that's just now returning to some semblance of a rivalry. I consider the Browns, Bengals and Ravens ALL the Steelers "main rivals." I'll even throw in Jagoffville. Why not?

I, personally, blame all that Cinnamon in the Chili. It's only contributing to the insanity.

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Ah yes, and today's Google search is...

Italian guido hairstyle pictures? Well shit, you've come to the right place. I mean we're always talking about that, right? After all this is the "italian guido hairstyle pictures blog." Yeah...right...someone in the Bronx must have been very disappointed when they clicked that link to OFTOT. Oh well, they live in the Bronx. After the Yankees season, this disappointment should pale in comparison.

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