September 19, 2008

Let Me Clip, Your Dirty Wings...

Gold star to whomever tells me what song that's from. And no Googling, jagoffs. Do this one eau naturale.

Anyways, we've talked about it all week - this Sunday is what we should consider our first true test of the '08 season. We head to the City of Angst Brotherly Love for a high stakes duel with the Killadelphia Eagles. The OTHER dirty birds of the North (original dirty birds of North = Ravens) are 1-1, but have already put up 38 points in two consecutive weeks. Alright, so one of those weeks they had the Rams, against whom even my little sister could put up 38 points. But don't let that fool you into thinking that they don't have an efficient offense.

So this week, I'll be watching for...

1. Lay Down The Law
If there's one thing we don't do well, it's defend those quick passes (you all remember the Patriots killing us slowly with Wes Welker last December). But with Lawrence Timmons patrolling the flat, perhaps we can keep those two or three yard gains to just two or three yards. Sure, Brian Westbrook is shifty. But he's not going to run you over, you know that. So keep your eyes on his chest and as soon as he gets the ball, give him a pop in the mouth to remember (ala last year's hit on Chad Ocho Cinco...and his greeeeeel).

2. Send in the Wreckingball
Ok, I'm a little uneasy even saying this given his fumbling problems and Tomlin's apparent reluctance to use him regularly, but this week, we need to get Rashard Mendenhall involved. The Eagles love to blitz, no secret there. So how do you handle that? Run it down their throats. And not just run it, but run it with the bigger, stronger, Wreckingball. Of course, this is in tandem with the fast one, Willie Parker. Can't have one without the other. If Wreckingball gets going, then start looking for those big plays. Especially because Philly's on a short week after getting pounded for 41 points on Monday. They may be relatively recovered, but they can't be completely 100%.

3. Help Ike, Help You
Sure, the Eagles like to dink and dunk, but make no mistake - they can throw the ball down the field just as easily. And if the dink and dunk method is working, this is even more apropos. Desean Jackson is a fast little bugger. Reminds me of Dante Hall or Devin Hester. I don't have much faith that Ike Taylor or Bryant McFadden can cover him all alone. So they'll need Troy and Ryan Clark to support them as much as possible. If for no other reason than to whisper sweet nothings a little encouragement/wisdom in their ears from time to time.

Other than that, I'll be watching the Filthy Philly crowd to see what kind of antics they can dream up. That should be one of the most entertaining parts of the game, actually. I'm psyched already. They need to start playing these games quicker.

Thoughts? Predictions on score? Can I interest you in a Pat's cheesesteak, perhaps?

And as usual, for the domestically savvy among us, check out TheStarterWife's Friday Football Foodie. This week, Parmesan Crisps, Blue Cheese Potatoes and Chris Cooleys. Mmmm, sounds yummy. I mean, all heterosexual here. Move along, Brady Quinn...


matt said...

I'm gonna go ahead and agree with all 3 points you made (especially #1). The LBs need to control that dink and dunk BS for 2 reasons:

1.It usually works against our zone
2.I hate watching it work. (Pats game last year)

Oh, and...Nirvana - Polly

Sheena Beaston said...

Nirvana - Polly

Cmon now! Please send all gold stars as mentioned. And oh, we have a valid drivers license again as of yesterday...let the bar visits resume!

Cotter said...

Fabulous, record time!

Of course I have no way of knowing whether you guys knew that right off the top of your heads, but I'll give you both the benefit of the doubt.

matt ~ Nothing more agonizing than watching your team get chopped down like a tree with plays that should only go for three yards but end up costing 10-20. But, In LeBeau we trust. Right?

sheena ~ Beer bong is open for business...and awaiting your presence.

tobiatha barely remembers the 90's said...

You missed your chance at breaking down some Mr. Mister- Broken Wings

While we're at it: Courtney killed Kurt. Fuck her; junkie c*nt. Boycott everything "it" ever did or does.

And Frances Bean kinda hot, in a budding-teenage-very-illegal sorta way.

tobiathannnnnnnnnnn said...


Gawddammit: "tobiathaN"

Shit. I look like a chic without my "n". And i'm a MAN. Dammit.

tobiathan isn't as smart as he thinks he is said...

As to football:

I'm pretty sure that NE had a copy of our defensive schemes the last few years. No other team in the league over the past decade has been able to ticky-tac us the way they have every, single, gawd, dammed time we've played them since '01. It is just impossible that Tom Brady knew where to throw the ball, exactly, 30+ times a game, every game for a decade.

I know: "Aww, tobiathan just rants like that sometimes. He's not a bad guy; he just rambles some, and ya gotta let it run it's course. After that he's pretty cool anfd funny in a creepish sorta "ewww. Why did he *say* that?!" kinda way."

But seriously- i don't worry about any team, any QB EXCEPT Brady pulling off that dink/dunk bullshit. Our defense is just too smart, too experienced and too tough to let it work. Unless, of course, say another team is stealing our defensive play-calls and knows exactly where we're going on every effing defensive down. I literally puked in '01...but that's a whole other story...

So: no- i am NOT worried about the short passing game. Our defense is, as noted above, highly talented and experienced and won't be beaten by short timing passes in a "fair" game.

And Westbrook can be taken out of games. He isn't the picture of durability; he's fairly easy to shake up. If he gets hit hard early and doesn't get a rhythm he tends to disappear.

McNabb is probably the most enigmatic QB in the league IMHO. He has all the tools, but will on occasion take a mental break and simply be unable to focus. Again, like with Westbroook, i think Donovan is soft, like a marshmallow pillow soft. Hit him square in the mouth early on and he'll start getting gunshy and will be less likely to run the ball. especially if he gets in the open field and faces up on DLs or LBs. When he has a hi-scoring game it's always because they get to a fast start and have good protection early. McNabb is the prototypical "streak" QB.

Beyond that, the Eagles are a good team, but lack any real force outside the few superstars they have. I give them lots of respect: they can definitely play ball. But our Steelers have everything they need to shut this eagles team down early. If Dickie Genius comes out with a rock 'em, sock 'em Four Horsemen of the ApocaBlitz package and gets contact on Westbrook and McNabb early on it'll be our day.

If not- i still think Ben can gunsling with the best of 'em. It ain't old-fashioned run-only Pittsburgh: Ben can throw! A 38-point game isn't beyond our ability anymore.

So that's encouraging.