April 17, 2008

Man, This Blogging Is Hard Work...

Yes, this image is a recycle. I'm saving the environment man. I'm going "green."
Alright, seriously. This week has really challenged my ability to make luke warm news into something interesting. Or maybe you like haikus and hot chicks?

Anyways, I have to admit that today I really don't have much either. The best I can do for you is -
(1) Nate Washington Was Signed For One More Year
(2) This Dude At Yahoo! Sports Thinks The Jaguars Own The Steelers, and
(3) The Steelers Have One UNrighteous Schedule Next Season.
I'll address these one by one:

(1) Great. I'm not going to piss myself over us resigning a solid #4 receiver who despite some untimely butterfingers is actually a decent threat. But I'm much happier to have him than Cedrick Wilson (for example). So Kudos to the Steelers on that one.

(2) OWN? I don't know if I'd go that far in describing the last four games against the jagoffs Jaguars. But I recognize this guy's right to exaggerate the recent results of this adversarial relationship. I will say for the record, however, that these last four games in which jagoffville Jacksonville has prevailed, the average margin of victory has been an earthshattering SIX points. Less than a touchdown. So perhaps he meant they owned a minority interest in the Steelers? And oh, by the way - he also thinks the Week 17 Browns vs. Steelers game is going to be a doozy, although he's too puss to make a pick...

(3) So you're upset/surprised/sad/hungry that the Patriots have the easiest schedule in football next year while the Steelers have the hardest? Don't be. They play in a division with the Bills, Dolphins and Jets. Teams that were a combined 12-36 last season (for you Math majors thats a .333 or 33% .25 or 25% [thanks to commenter for correction] combined win percentage). As for the Steelers, well, nobody said it'd be easy. If we want to make the playoffs and win a Championship, we're going to have to be at the top of our game for 20-21 weeks (however long the schedule is with post-season). But hey, the flip-side is that any team can come out and crap the bed at any time in any season. This year let's hope it's the Browns. They're already the right color anyhow (that one might take a minute).

What else? Oh yeah, the Steelers met with LB Philip Wheeler from Georgia Tech, DE/LB James Jones from Eastern Michigan and 6'5" WR Mario Urrutia from Louisville. And Ashlee Simpson, misguided/surgically modified sister to Jessica, is pregnant.

Did I miss anything?
[Note: purposefully did not include the story about Ryan Clark and his anger for trainers or Chad Johnson in any way, shape, form, etc.

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The Immortal Silky Johnson said...
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The Immortal Silky Johnson said...

Perhaps the Browns need an image makeover? I am thinking staph infection black, or MRSA red. You forgot one thing the road to the AFC North comes through Philly...

quiet strength said...

Did I miss anything?
Rooney endorsed Obama. Other than that, I got nothin.

/not worried about the Jags or Browns

Cotter said...

silky ~ who told you that? Your boy Mike Patterson?

qs ~ I'm guessing Rooney endorsed Obama because his kids are baptized...or because he made the pro bowl...am I stretching for humor here?

Math Major said...

Combined 12-36? Wouldn't 12 wins in the 48 total games give them a winning percentage of 25%?

Cotter said...

Yep. Suffice it to say I am not nor at any time have ever been a math whiz. Haha, thanks for the correction!