April 27, 2009

#226 Off The Board, #1 In Our Hearts...


Best pick of the draft??

Best pick of the draft.

I'm officially starting the AQ Shipley fan club. If you want in, let me know. We're having a bake sale on Thursday.

Moon Tigers, FTW.

And just so we're clear on this point...

AQ Shipley isn't effing around. HUGE WIN for the Steelers.

Oh yeah, some other guys we picked up yesterday...
Keenan Lewis, CB - Oregon State
Joe Burnett, CB - Central Florida
Frank Summers, RB - UNLV [BIG TIME PICK]
Ra'Shon Harris, DT - Oregon [Look at this guy with the mohawk]
David Johnson, TE - Arkansas State [Because we needed another TE?]

Here's Tomlin commenting on all the selections...whilst sporting a solid suit.

That Mike Tomlin, what a human being.

And that closes the book on this year's draft.

If you missed them, here are Saturday and Sunday's posts.

Other than that, tell us all what you think about how things went, in the comments. Then get yourself six to eight cups of black coffee. It's Monday. I'll be here studying like a BOSS. If you need me, find somebody else. I'm MIA.


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Noah said...

I don't really know why we needed another RB either, but hey, Colbert never failed me yet....

Cotter said...

Domski said he heard they were planning to use him as a FB, which makes sense because he's a massive human being for a RB, at 241 lbs.

I actually really like that pick, myself. It'd be real nice if he could open some holes for Willie. But, I mean, who knows if he even makes the team.

Grumpy said...

Open holes for Willie and be the power back in short yardage. Good pick.

domski43 said...

the dude's nickname is "Frank the Tank"....i can hear heinz field now

We're going streeeaaakkkinnngggg!!!!!

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

Love the Frank the Tank pick. Awesome.