April 26, 2009

Sorry, No Time to Be Clever with Headlines...

Apparently the Steelers are taking a page out of my book and drafting based on outlandish names. I mean, that's the only explanation as to why they'd take Kraig Urbik, OT/OG from Wisconsin with our 1st pick of the 3rd round.

Well, ok, maybe it was because we need Offensive Linemen worse than Lindsay Lohan needs to eat a sandwich and Urbik was one of the best Guards in this year's draft. But they ARE two for two when it comes to drafting dudes with unusual names (or at least unusually spelled names).

Of course, given the list of players in this years draft, there was about an 85% chance they were going to get a guy with a weird name regardless.

Anyways, Kraig Urbik it is.

The "skinny" on Urbik, if you can really invoke that word to discuss a 6'5", 328 pound human being, is as follows...

40 Yard Dash : 5.3 seconds
Bench Press : 29.0 reps
Vertical Jump : 24.0 inches
Broad Jump : 94.0 inches
3 Cone Drill : 7.87 seconds
20 Yard Shuttle : 4.89 seconds

"When Urbik's streak of 45 consecutive starts came to an end when he injured his knee vs. Penn State in 2008, the Badgers' midseason struggles began. Without their offensive leader, Wisconsin lost five of six contests before a fully recovered Urbik, the right offensive guard, guided the team to a 3-1 record to close out the season.

Wisconsin has been known for developing quite a bit of offensive line talent for the NFL ever since former head coach Barry Alvarez arrived on campus. A member of that renowned coach's best recruiting class, Urbik was the first Badger freshman to start at offensive tackle since All-American Chris McIntosh did in 1996. Urbik would go on to start 16 games at right tackle and 34 at right guard during his career -- and that versatility has made him one of the most coveted linemen in the 2009 NFL Draft."
One of the most coveted linemen in the draft, huh? I'll take it!

Plus, I feel pretty good about any Offensive line prospect coming out of Wisconsin. So yeah, good times.

And with our 2nd pick of the 3rd round, the Steelers have taken Mike Wallace, WR from Mississippi (not even going to make the joke about him sharing a name with a well known newscaster). Not sure if we needed to take a WR here, but hey, like I've maintained throughout, do not question Kevin Colbert. And listen, I'll take anyone who can run a 4.33 40.

Here's the details on Wallace (6'0", 199 lbs)...
40 Yard Dash : 4.33 seconds
Bench Press : 14.0 reps
Vertical Jump : 40.0 inches
Broad Jump : 129.0 inches
3 Cone Drill : 6.9 seconds
20 Yard Shuttle : 4.27 seconds

"Few attributes attract NFL scouts more than pure speed. Wallace certainly has that. Despite starting three years for the Rebels, he didn't establish himself as one capable of taking advantage of his speed until he averaged 18.9 yards on 38 receptions as a junior. A year later, Wallace's speed was even more lethal, as he averaged 20.1 yards per reception and scored a career-high seven touchdowns.

Wallace is still a work in progress as a route-runner, but his ability to stretch defenses deep as an outside receiver and special teams wide on kickoff returns could land him a second-day draft selection from an NFL team looking to catch lightning in a bottle. Had an arm span of 31 3/8 inches and a hand span of 9 inches at the combine.
And there you have it.

I'd give you more, but I don't have time for Mickey Mousing around today. So you'll have to do your own homework.

Should you want to comment on either of these dudes, however, feel free to do so in the comments.

/end communication

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Grumpy said...

Like you said, they know what they're doing. Two solid picks, although maybe awhile before Wallace contributes.

big TC said...

I love the Urbik pick! Mike Wallace? Never actually herd of him, but hell, welcome!

But here's my problem. Keenan Lewis? We could of gotten Duke Robinson or DJ Moore! But Keenan Lewis? I don't like it, but I have faith in Colbert

Vern said...

20+ yards per catch is insane. Few things make me harder than pure, unabashed speed.

Cotter said...

Seriously. 4.33! That's pretty SICK. Nate Washington who?