March 11, 2009

Willie [Feces-Conduit] Signs...

See post title.

I wasn't going to write about this, because frankly, I really don't care.

But then I did.

These are the types of things that happen in the offseason.

On the bright side, I also spent way too much time on these two photoshops...

There goes an hour of my life that I'll never have back.

These better make you laugh. Or else my life is a sham.

That's all I got.

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tiny350Z said...

I laughed. Nice work, sir.

domski43 said...


keep these for next time we play pats.

+1 for putting sawyer in the pic.

Grumpy said...

Thanks man, those Photoshop's had me laughing out loud.

ladi_izz said...

Nice ones, Cotter! The only way Belidick could be any creepier is if he had eyes like Ben Linus.

The "WHTNEP" San Diego Sports Fan Collective said...

Not a completely wasted hour of your life....the Sawyer/Belicheat photo is perfect.

I would be happy to post it on my blog and give a link to OFTOT.

Give me permission and I shall post.

Cotter said...

Permission is all yours, duder.

Rock out with your cock out.

And thanks for the love!