March 11, 2009

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

First of all, my apologies for the tardiness of this post. Usually on Wednesdays I get these fiends up around Noon. But today, one of my professors insisted on standing right behind me for almost my entire class. So I couldn't very well let him see me writing my blog while I was supposed to be listening to him propound about Trumping Provisions.

Sidebar: Vomit.

So, a seven year contract for Ray Lewis, huh?

Maybe it's just me. Maybe because I'm used to the Steelers releasing players in this type of situation. But SEVEN YEARS for a 33 (soon to be 34) year old, clearly declining, former murderer?

Which reminds me...

Anyways, it's not really a seven year contract, since the Ravens have options after his 2nd and 3rd contract years, if I understand it correctly. But it's funnier if you ignore that reality and assume that they're just smoking some of that world famous Baltimore crack. Or that the Syphilis has finally invaded their brains. Either way.

There is one thing I legitimately can't understand about this, however. You didn't want to re-sign 28 year old Bart Scott, but you'll commit $50 million to Ray Lewis' old balls!?!?!?!


How much do Terrell Suggs' gums make again? Oh yeah, franchise tag. If I were him, I'd be fired up about this. But then, I doubt Terrell Suggs has any idea of what's going on. Shit, he's gone 26 years without getting oral surgery. I think it's safe to assume he's not the most astute fellow.

Well, I guess this means at least a few more years of Ray Lewis douching it up in the AFC North. Which I suppose is better than a few more years of some other people in the AFC North douching it up (see: The Browns).

That said, guard your children carefully, because Ray Lewis dines on Fetuses. I have proof...


Completely unrelated. I know. Sue me.

On another completely unrelated note - there's a super hot chick in my drafting contracts class...BUT, she's married.

They always are. **SIGH**

Like Ray Lewis' contract, these links are also incentive laden. So you should read them...

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And in honor of today being 3/11...

Hey Domski, remember that time we saw them in concert? Amazing.

Holy link dump, Batman!

Speaking of dumps...

I'll talk to you guys later...

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tecmo said...

Bob saw 311 back in college then almost died in a car accident.

I saw 311 in NYC on Randall's Island back in summer of 05. They performed a few songs with Wyclef Jean. Pretty damn sweet.

tecmo said...

PS...I dont update Twitter much, but just put up my 311th update. THEY'RE EVERYWHERE! OOOOOOOOO!

Cotter said...

Dude, I didn't listen to the video before I put it up, but the instrumental portion is sick. 311 = the masters.

LOVE 311.

domski43 said...

That was the first and only time i saw 311 in concert. I need to see them again.

I love that pic of ray lewis' mug shot. Nothing makes a Ravens fan angrier than talkign about Lewis being a murderer.

tecmo said...

Didn't Ray Lewis murder someone with a knife?

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

Torry Holt would look good in a Steelers uniform.

random asshole said...

At least I'm not the only person who say "Ray Lewis" and "7-year deal" in the same sentence and immediately thought of prison.

Cotter said...

JPPB ~ I like where your head is at.

asshole ~ BURN!