March 2, 2009

Something, Something, Bryant McFadden...

Good morning, my pretties. I trust you all had pleasant and fulfilling weekends. Me? Law books and web design. And awesomeness, of course.

I was going to photoshop McFadden in one way or another for this post, but then I watched a Foo Fighters concert on MSG instead. Don't worry, though. I more than make up for it below.

So, here's the "big news" this morning - The Lions traded Jon Kitna to the Cowboys!

No, just kidding. It's actually that Bryant McFadden is visiting some old friends out in the desert today.

Not that I blame them, but it's almost laughable how many Steelers have found their way West these past couple of years. And hey, why not? Russ Grimm's mustache is top 10 all time. McFadden would have a great facial hair role model to look up to.

Just look at that thing...

Russ Grimm's 'stache > Yours and your Mom's combined.

Sidebar - There was one really good picture of Grimm that I wanted to swipe so bad. But it was on the Redskins official blog and for some reason I felt I owed them a duty not to blatantly disregard the laws of intellectual property. No idea why I picked that exact moment to think like that...

Anyways, when I first thought about McFadden's free agency, it seemed like a no brainer. Keep him. He's young, he played solid this year (injury notwithstanding), Deshea is old balls. Why WOULDN'T you want to re-sign Bryant McFadden?

But after some thought, I've realized that if the price wasn't right, what are you gonna do?

We've still got Ike, Deshea and Willie Gay, and who knows, maybe we'll even draft a Corner in April.

OR maybe we're thinking about killing two birds with one stone and bringing in a DB/KR. You know, like maybe the Tennessee Titan's Chris Carr?

Come on, you know how Mike Tomlin feels about free agent kick returners. Haven't they ALL been free agents since he took over (Santonio doesn't count)?

I don't know. That's all I got.

Eff it, it's Monday.

Isn't the offseason fun?

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Grumpy said...

I'd like to see BMac stay, but if he can get big money elsewhere, good for him. Hard to argue with the Steelers' front office decisions over the years.

Noah said...

I looked through B-fad's stats over the years and he wasn't that bad. I say let's keep him and let Washington go, or keep 'em both?