January 12, 2009

[Unnamed] Steelers Pregame Show - Post Season Episode 1 Outtake Reel...

Holy longest post title ever, Batman! We gotta rename this damn show.

Oh, speaking of the show, you may have noticed there's no audio for yesterday's episode. Apparently NOW, after months of making these damn things with the same intro, YouTube has flagged and disabled the audio because we use "Cleveland Rocks." Obviously this is warranted because we're completely screwing that legendary band, The Presidents of the United States of America out of money by performing our own version of the last 30 seconds of a song they wrote for the beginning of a TV show starring Drew Carey, on which it was played about 800,000 times. What a couple of assholes we are.

I hate big record labels almost as much as I hate Terrell Suggs. And that's a lot.


Anyways, we'll have to figure something out on that front for next week. But until then, enjoy the random sequence of ridiculous shit above. Oh, and in case you missed it yesterday, our adventures in widescreen are too much for my blogger template to comprehend. So I'd recommend watching this at YouTube, where you can actually see the whole set. OR you could watch the same nonsense that I've got here, over at PSaMP. Either way.

Survey says - Our brains are deteriorating faster than Usain Bolt runs. By next week, we may not even be speaking English, but rather some strange slurring nonsense that sounds like it could be English if there wasn't pea soup where our brains should be.

No intro, no credits, no brains? Why should you watch this?

Don't look at me, I laugh at everything.

Whatever. Hopefully you were able to enjoy the show AND now the outtakes.



Anonymous said...

That's weird, I was able to hear the song when I watched it after the game yesterday.

Yeah, major music labels are total assholes, especially on YouTube. I've seen so many of my favorite videos disappear because of some bs violation.

Cotter said...

Yeah it just happened this morning, for whatever reason.

I mean, copyright infringement, blah blah. But we make absolutely zero off of it and it's only 30 seconds of the song. Not to mention, when combined with the visual theatrics, it could be called transformative, or satire, in which case we have a right to fair use.

/end legal garbage that I shouldn't even bother to bring up

tiny350Z said...

I don't think you should change the name. It's remained the [Unnamed] Steelers Pregame Show then entire season... and now, into the post season.

It should be here to stay... especially if a few future games go our way - don't wanna screw with good luck then, right? right?

random asshole said...

Damn, Cotter, aren't you studying entertainment law? Aren't copyright issues, like, one of a handful of topics you should actually know something about?

Or I guess, more pointedly, shouldn't you be excited about annoyingly harassing people over shit like this since it's what keeps you employed?

Cotter said...

Yes, but unfortunately, YouTube does not afford me a proper venue through which to do so. And frankly, I'm not about to make a big deal out of the [Unnamed] Steelers Pregame Show anyhow.

Whatev. We'll tape a new one or something.

Oh, and annoyingly harassing people over shit like this doesn't keep me employed YET. I still got some hard time to do and the bar exam to pass before I can enjoy that whole sitch.

random asshole said...

Haha, you have to pay your dues before you get the opportunity to file lawsuits against little kiddies downloading the latest Britney Spears album? Just the whole thought of that sounds absolutely fucking hilarious to me.

Cotter said...

Oh no no no, I was talking about being on the other side of that. I'd never represent big labels. Totally goes against my philosophy.

That whole thought does sound pretty hilarious, though.

big TC said...


Sean said...

That sucks. I watched/listened to the video fine yesterday. Oh well. There are much better songs out there.