January 12, 2009

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

So this isn't particularly funny, if you're a Ravens fan. Frankly, it's not particularly funny if you're a STEELERS fan. But it is encouraging. Certainly a sprained shoulder probably isn't going to stop he who bears a gumline similar to Michael Phelps. But I'd be lying if I said this didn't sound good.

Honestly, and not to be a douche that far in advance of Sunday, my biggest fear is this...

If T-Sizzle, as he likes to be called, is less than 100%, all the better for Ben's brain.

Sorry, today's headline of the day kind of sucks. Maybe if I didn't spend five hours last night putting together this morning's post I could've gotten a head start and it wouldn't have been so bush league. Oh well, the things I do for this blog.

This commentary may be plain-Jane, but these links are full of interesting shit...

Your MMCNY. There is no such thing as a shitty win in the playoffs. Right on! [PSaMP]

Best game recap I've seen yet [This Is Getting Old]

Dude, the Mexican wrestler masks were awesome. I'd like to shake those dudes hands [Sportsocracy]

Video of Santonio's punt return TD [Sports Crackle Pop]

Oh man, check out Flacco's unibrow. Flacco's brow or Peter Gallagher's? [Dug E Fresh Rants]

Let's hear it for the O-Line. Big time play! [Post-Gazette]

And Special Teams? Not too shabby, either [Post-Gazette]

Da Bus thinks it's Steelers in the AFC... [Trib]

Some coverage out of B-More [Baltimore Sun]

And lastly, fantastic headline/photo combination from Chimp Rage [Deuce of Davenport]

Badass TV Show Theme Song day at the Riffs [Friday Morning Riffs]

Pool of the Week - How long do you think it'll be before Baltimore starts bitching about Hines Ward? Over/Under is tomorrow. Hell, it may have already started for all I know!

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