January 5, 2009

It's Electric [for the Steelers]...

This one goes out to Sandy Domski. If only I had the video of everyone doing it at Domski's wedding. Oh well, blame Silky Johnson.
Alright, so no more holidays. And we've got Steelers football this weekend! Are y'all awake now?

Yes, it's true. Unfortunately, the Dolphins couldn't play like a division champ yesterday and fell hard to the Ravens Defense. Chad Pennington threw four picks. Fired.

And so we drew the Chargers. The Lightning Bolts. It's electric. Get it?

Anyways, remember that time when we were about to play the Chargers, like two months ago, and I said I was worried about Darren Sproles?

328 all purpose yards, was it on Saturday? HEYO!

But, given that...

LT = hurt
Gates = hurt...though you wouldn't know it by the game he put together
Vincent Jackson = held to ZERO catches by the COLTS defense
Rivers = 217 yards, no TDs and a pick

If Darren Sproles is our biggest worry, that's fine by me.

Not to mention, San Diego played that game against the Colts IN San Diego. This week they'll be once again traversing the nation to the much trodden field of Heinz. Nay, the permafrost that is the Pittsburgh field turf in January. You think that's going to be easy for a team who hails from a city with an average temperature of "warm as hell?"

Surf ain't up in the 'Burgh, dude.

Either way, I'm happy that we're not playing the Colts. Say what you want about that game on Saturday, I still wouldn't wanna play Peyton Manning, who, let it be noted, threw for 300+ yards (and ZERO picks) in a losing effort.

And while there's also a chance that we could play the Ravens again, that's not really a situation I can worry about right now. Let's say it comes to that - they'll still have just played the Titans, who hopefully will have beat the shit out of La'ron McClain and Joe Flacco, leaving them beaten and battered for Silverback to feast on. Plus, there's always a chance Ray Lewis could get arrested between now and next Sunday. So, you know, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

I haven't heard too many reports about Big Ben's vagina concussion the past few days, but from the sound of it, he didn't practice last week. Just took it easy. Relaxed on the sidelines. Had a few juice boxes and some orange slices that Heath Miller's Mom brought for the team. That kind of stuff. Which, because he's Ben Roethlisberger, means he should be well rested and nursed back to decent enough health to get his ass back onto the practice field and get his head in the right place to go out and make it rain on the Chargers D.

But, I also have to say (because I think Domski and I have had a cumulative three hours of conversation about it over the past week), the line better bring it's big boy pads. If those dudes can't block for Big Ben, shit could get real ugly. Also, running the ball. If we could do it effectively, that'd be pretty cool. But the new year's just begun. I'm reluctant to start wasting my wishes just yet.

Hey, at least the Chargers don't believe in holding...

You're not in Kansas San Diego anymore, jagoffs.

Get your act together.

Especially you, sir.

Notes from this weekend...

Damn, 8 years old and already on crystal meth. They grow up so fast these days.

So I hear you've got some free time, now. How's about you and me, you know, go get some cookies and milk?

So, the Chargers performance on Sunday, Big Ben's condition, the line's condition - Any thoughts?

PS - Check it out, OFTOT's on Twitter. Now, if I could only figure out how this thing works.


The "We Hate The New England Patriots" San Diego Sports Fan Collective said...

My Two Cents...

I'd go with "Jagovs" over "Jagoffs". That's just me though.

What's your weather gonna be like? Snow?

Meteorologist Cotter said...

No idea. Probably unseasonably warm now that I said something about the weather...


Two cents?


/no idea what's going on there

Get Fresh Designs said...

All those Steelers fans who wanted the number 1 seed should be happy the steelers got the number 2 seed.

Not taking anything away from San Diego, they are still a dangerous team. especially if berger kicks a 30 yard punt to sproles.

random asshole said...

It's hard to say that V-Jack was "held to zero catches," given that he was thrown to...what...twice? He's had an amazing season partially because Chambers has been drawing the heavy coverage and the opposite seemed to happen this week.

Also, I wouldn't make any weather assumptions about next week. It's Pittsburgh, so the weather never makes sense, especially given that it was like 70 degrees against the Browns last week.

Finally, Mike Scifres deserves the game MVP; that was the most amazing punting I've ever seen.

Cotter said...

doug ~ Can't argue with that! One thing I did forget in the post, though, is that the other thing we have to worry about, besides Sproles, is our own Offense. Like, will we have one? That I cannot say, but I sure hope so...

random asshole ~ Thrown to twice because he was covered the rest of the time? I don't remember exactly, but that certainly could've been the case. And if so, I have faith in Ike and McSickGoatee/Deshea to do the same. As for the weather, like I said in my previous comment. I have no idea and sure, it very well could be 70 degrees. But I gotta have something to say about it, you understand. And yeah, Scifres is a Punting God. We could really use Sepulveda right now. Eff.

tiny350Z said...

I'm frighteningly confident for this game. I say frighteningly because I don't like being confident. We played really well against the Chargers last time they were in Pittsburgh. If we can play the same game, with the penalty ratio a little more even, we can dominate this game.
But yeah, I'm a little fearful of little tiny Darren. He's kinda like my idol.

Cotter said...

tiny ~ Yeah, contrary to what the tone of this post might suggest, I'm certainly not about to take the Chargers lightly. As usual, I'd say I'm "cautiously optimistic."

And Sproles is a monster. I love that little dude. Too bad he isn't a Steeler.

But listen, all of this is moot, because the Eagles are just gonna win the Super Bowl anyway. We shouldn't even bother playing the games. Or at least that's what my Eagles fan friends tell me (surprisingly, NOT Silky Johnson...although I did have a missed call from him last night and it's still early in the day).

Justin said...

Weather forecasts say a high of 21 and a low of 18 for Sunday, with snow showers the day before (Sat.). Chargers at least will be effing cold, but they've come to Steel Town in the playoffs twice befor and pulled out a win. Big Ben should get pulled by halftime and they should go with Byron, if he plays like he did the last time he had the concussion in 2006.

shawnk said...

looks like V-Jack has turned to drinking and driving to help his game....