December 3, 2008

Still Wondering About Marvel Smith's Life?

Alright, so Marvel Smith hasn't played since October 5 at Jagoffville, and we've heard that he may need back surgery again this offseason.

So ummm, at what point do we just put him on IR?

I mean, I love the guy. When he's healthy, I'd prefer him over Max Starks every day of the week. But it doesn't appear that he's in very good shape, as he'll be missing his 8th straight game this coming Sunday.

What are we holding out for, January? I doubt we want a Left Tackle with a bad back protecting our franchise arm in the playoffs. But, then again, I could be wrong.


PS - I emailed this one to Random Asshole last night, so he's already seen it. Duder, you can ignore this, or just leave your reply in the comments. Your choice.


domski43 said...

keep him in the ghetto

random asshole said...

Being recognized like this makes me feel special. I always knew I was special--my mother even told me so--but now I really feel special.

marc said...

It's not as if we have a stud LT on the practice squad or something that Marvel is blocking, so leave him on the roster. If he comes back healthy, let him get in shape and if someone gets hurt or proves (more) ineffective than he would be the FO will look very smart.

matt said...

Tomlin said there's a chance he could play again, so he's taking it week to week. I'm not sure if keeping him on the roster or IR will do good/harm either way? I doubt he smells the field the rest of the year.

Cotter said...

domski ~ But what if I'm eating like lots and lots of chocolatey ALL of the time...

asshole ~ That's what she said? Yeah, I got nothing.

marc ~ And I'm totally cool with that if that's how it goes. I'm sure they know much better than I do what condition he's in. Maybe they ARE just planning ahead for the playoffs. Who knows?

matt ~ That's pretty much the angle from which I'm coming at it.