December 3, 2008

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

Oh man, you have no idea how weird this is. I was just thinking while I was walking my pup last night, how much I hate the word, "eschew."


Well first of all, it just sounds stupid. Ess-choo. Sounds like either someone sneezing or what a cow does with it's "cud."

Coincidentally, I went to Elementary school with some chick named Charissa Chew. That sounds somewhat similar. No relevance to this post, of course.

But second of all, this is a word that people like to use in the hopes that everyone within earshot will immediately think they're smart for having used a word you haven't heard since 11th grade English class (at least in my view).

It's the most ass backwards way to say "shun" that I've ever heard. There are so many better ways to say that without using this garbage Scrabble reject. Like, how about, "shun?" Or maybe even, "stiff-arm?" Those have always worked well for me. They're easy to say, I know exactly what I'm telling someone and they know exactly what I'm saying to them. Everybody wins.

But when you use, "eschew," nobody wins. Remember that, kids.

That said, you should probably not eschew these links...

Help Big Ben and friends re-gift a fruitcake [PSaMP]

NFL and this guy from the Boston Herald defends Ryan Clark's hit on Wes Welker [Boston Herald]

The RIAA is suing a 19 year old girl who has pancreatitis, needs some cell transplant and has to be hospitalized weekly. Way to go, assholes [WTAE]

Here you go, Domski. Your favorite [The Chief's Forum]

McSickGoatee expected to play Sunday...not a minute too soon! [Trib]

Pittsburgher Bruce Gradkowski to Cleveland [Yahoo!]

Charlie Weis back for a fifth year at Notre Dame. See, Romeo, maybe there's hope for you, yet [ESPN]

Also, I'd like to say - well played, Chicago. A bitch, indeed...


Vern said...

I kind of like eschew in the right context.

But are right. This just sounds retarded. This is like the RIAA not only suing the pancreas chick, but also saying that she must eschew her treatment. But if they eschew fits, then I'll make stupid analogies while wearing it.

Cotter said...

[insert sound of drum and cymbal]