November 2, 2008

[Unnamed] Steelers Pregame Show - Week 9...

Ladies and gentlemen. Boys and girls. Children of all ages. In the immortal words of a wise man some asshole from Dallas - Get your popcorn ready! Here it is in all it's glory...The [Unnamed] Steelers Pregame Show - Episode 8.

It's a little longer this week, because for some unknown reason we tried to get serious and keep our A.D.D. to a minimum. But we think it's better, nonetheless. This week we covered - Willie Parker's life, Sansmokio's Excellent Adventure, Aaron Smith's beastliness, Anthony Smith's bitchiness, and of course, pulled Predictions completely out of our respective asses.

And as for the Outtake Reel, well, that's pretty much business as usual. This also appears to be a hair longer than normal, but that's because we interspersed clips of us playing 007 for N64. So keep your eyes peeled for that. Oh, and if anyone knows what the name of Uncle Joey's puppet was on Full House, please let us know.

We sincerely hope you enjoy!

Bonus footage - here's us discussing the current state of the NHL...

One more time at PSaMP for good measure?

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