November 3, 2008

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

How's this for an algorithm...Browns Sucking + Reference to late 90s Britney Spears pop hit = Comedy Gold. In fact, I think that one may actually be Google worthy!

So the Browns couldn't eke out a win over the Ratbirds yesterday. I mean, it would've been nice of them to help us out a bit. But I guess we couldn't actually expect Derek [FAIL] Anderson, Braylon Edwards and company to really come through for us.

I actually watched the end of that game and kind of had to laugh. I mean here they are, the game's 30-27, Ravens in the lead but the Browns have the ball and about three and a half minutes left. They're at their own 46 yard line and they've got at least three chances to get the ball maybe 20-25 yards for a game tying field goal, or maybe even a few yards beyond that for a potentially game winning touchdown and what do they do? Derek Anderson throws a pick to Terrell Suggs...

Oh well, that's just the Browns being the Browns, right?

Derek Anderson for Pro Bowl!

For the record, I believe these links are also Pro Bowl worthy...

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Just when you thought the Lions couldn't get any worse...they signed Daunte Culpepper [ESPN]

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Anonymous said...

hahha now THAT was a good joke.