November 1, 2008

Congratulations Polamalus!

Ah yes, the rare weekend post. It comes but once every few weeks when something important happens. Today, it is to congratulate Troy and Theodora Polamalu on the birth of their 1st little Tasmanian devil.

They had a healthy baby boy yesterday, which means Troy will definitely be on the field in Washington on Monday night. Which is nice, but had he missed the game to be with his wife while she was giving birth, I mean, I guess we would've all understood.

No word on what they're naming the child yet. But if I may offer a suggestion - I think Dick Lebeau Polamalu has a nice ring to it. Also no word on whether the kid came out sporting a full head of hair. But the smart money's on him traversing the birth canal only to emerge with a fully grown out afro.

Congratulations Troy! Now, you better shave that beard. Kids don't like that shit. When I was a baby, I hated my Dad's beard so much that my Mom made him shave it off. We Cotter men are strong in the face of those with the double X chromosomes.


Noah said...

Yay Polamalus!

Get Fresh Designs said...

i wonder if he watched?

my son loves both of his grandfathers beards, he wasn't a wussy.