November 13, 2008

Philip Rivers Is The Answer...

You know what the problem is? I've figured it out. See, the problem is not that we're injured. Or predictable on Offense. Or stubborn. Or Bruce Arians. It's that I haven't written a completely ridiculous post about one of our opponents in a while. Semi-ridiculous, yes. That pretty much describes the majority of posts here. But not completely ridiculous. Those have been sparse of late.

Things started off strong this season. I was joking about everything. But now that we've hit this rough patch, I haven't really joked as much. Well, I mean, I guess everyday is pretty much a joke here at OFTOT. Most days the joke's on you guys for reading this crap, but whatever. Have I ever mentioned that I appreciate your support?

So, but I got to thinking, what could I write about that would lighten things up? What would be a classic OFTOT post in this particular situation?

Then I sat for a moment, wheels in my head turning like the cartwheels of a little girl at recess, and it hit me - I'll play a little game of, "What Is Philip Rivers Saying?"

I think you can pretty much see where this is going.

So I'm just gonna get on with it.

Yeah, in a minute, Ref. This chick is about to show us the goods!

Blue Steel.

I am yelling so hard right now. Look at how hard I'm yelling. So. Hard.

Oh no, buddy. YOU are bringing the fruit salad. I've got the bundt cake.

Philip Rivers' Thought Stream = "That's right, I'm Philip Rivers, bitch!"

...Wait a minute...this isn't... Good one, Google Images. You jokers, you.


Yo, I just farted in Merriman's helmet. High five! That dude's a prick!

So I'm gonna let Domski talk about football in the comments now. I have nothing of substantive value to add.

Except the Mike Tomlin quote of the day followed by a quick OFTOT retort, that is...Enjoy!

Tomlin on the importance of special-teams play this Sunday against the Chargers:

That element of the game has to be a winning edge for us. We've got to be ready to negate that element of their game.
Yeah, no shit, Mike. Ideally you'd like to negate that element of everyone's game. It's part of winning, dude. Oh, Tomlin. I love you, man!

Right, and Ben practiced yesterday. So there's that too.


Christy said...

Whoa, I never realized that Philip Rivers looked like a Klingon! This could serve as a distraction for me during the game.

Sheena Beaston said...

Rivers would bring bundt cake seeing as how it's bland and everyone hates it. BURN!

What's the meaning of the gullet grab in that 5th picture? 2008's The Thinker, no doubt.

Anonymous said...

Blue Steel reminde me of Beaker from the muppets. Uncanny likeness.

tiny350Z said...

I think they now call Blue Steel the Eliot Spitzer.

ladi izz said...

Goddamn do I hate Philip Rivers. What a douchebag.

Ya betta ask somebodaaaaaaaaay.

/Couldn't help myself.